Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sovereigns, Dynasties, and Nobility

by Daniel v. Coberly v. Reichenberg

Fans of PBS television's Downton Abbey seem enthralled with the fictitious Crawley family's struggle to retain their ancient nobility...and their the post Edwardian era. And yet, few fans seem to notice that while Lord Crawley is styled the "Earl of Grantham," his wife Lady Cora is called a "Countess". And then there is the Dowager Countess, and the Marquess and the Marchioness of Flintshire. The world has been and continues to be greatly influenced by nobility and royalty. This handy reference, 6 years in the making, can help sort through the fog of ancient and modern titles no matter where you find them!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ARCHIVES: Excommunication of Seminarian Dennis J. Klinzing

24 JUNE 2014 (ORCNS) - Dennis J. Klinzing, a former seminarian/minor cleric of the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church was recently deposed from the clerical state and excommunicated latae sententiae (automatically). Church officials took the unusual step to respond to media queries about Klinzing in response to criticism that such firings are not often made public. According to Church officials, the former student was fired for a series of incidents that violated a seminarian contract and standards of personal conduct.

"While it is not uncommon for some seminarians to honestly renounce their commitment during the intense four-year or more training and screening process, dishonesty of any kind is non-negotiable. The ARRCC maintains high standards and expects its clergy to live up to them," said Msgr. Steinhurst, an official of the seminary.

Allegations were confirmed that Klinzing misrepresented himself as a valid priest (several websites appear to list a "Fr. Dennis Klinzing") while only in the Minor Order of Porter, and that he sought additional ordination in the Old Roman Catholic Church - Latin Rite (ORCLR) without proper excardination from the Patriarchal See. His attempt was confirmed by Boniface Grosvold, an official of the ORCLR. An investigation also found that Klinzing lied to his religious superiors when asked about his intent to seek an ordination from another denomination while already sworn as a seminarian in another church. It was determined by the judicial tribunal that Klinzing lied to avoid the required three and a half or more years of academic and practical study and experience still remaining that he agreed to perform before becoming eligible to take exams required for the priesthood.

"All clerics of the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church sign a statement acknowledging that they are subject to the laws and authority of the Patriarchal See of Saint Stephen. The statement is also witnessed by a civil court official, usually a notary. Applicants also take the Clerical Oath and Oath Against Modernism and renew their formal petition at every new level of ordination. As a result of his own deceitful actions, Klinzing is no longer fit be be a cleric of any kind, nor will he in any way be affiliated with the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church," said Msgr. Deffenbaugh, Chancellor.

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