Sunday, November 20, 2016

Walsingham Guard Qualification Brevets Awarded

20 November 2016 (ORCNS) - General Command of the Walsingham Guard is pleased to announce that several officers of the Guard were awarded the following qualification brevets in recognition of skills and qualifications obtained through professional-level specialty training.

Airbourne Brevet
Flight Surgeon Brevet
Air Crew Brevet
Health Support Officer Brevet
Patrol Boat Commander Brevet
Patrol Boat Officer Brevet

Airbourne Brevet insignia
Air Crew Brevet insignia
Flight Surgeon Brevet insignia
Health Support Officer Brevet insignia
Patrol Boat Officer Brevet insignia
Patrol Boat Commander Brevet insignia

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John Refieuna receives Silver St. George Medal for Christ and the Nation

15 November 2016 (ORCNS) - Chev. John V. Refieuna, a retired government contractor and long-time leader in Boy Scouts of America and other church and civic organizations, was recently awarded the Silver St. George Medal for Christ and the Nation for his exceptional service to both the Church and Scouting. The medal, whose proper name in Latin is the Insegne Argenteum Sancti Georgii pro Christo et Patria, is presented by the Patriarchal Council for International Scouts and Guides (Consiglio Patriarcale per Scoutismo Internazionale) for service to the Church and positive character development of youth. Typically recipients are active in a program within the World Brotherhood of Scouting, though sometimes awards are given to those outside the program for service to Scouting or youth in general. 

An Eagle Scout, John Refieuna has been an active adult leader in Scouting through Boy Scouts of America for many years, with over 60 years in the Scouting program. In addition to being highly involved in the Catholic Committee on Scouting for his local diocese, he has also served the Patriarchate of St. Stephen's Scouting outreach ministry and had significant impact on the development of its programs. Refieuna's other Scouting awards include the Silver Beaver award (from Boy Scouts of America) and the Imperial Distinguished Scout of the Holy Roman Empire religious award given by the Patriarchate of St. Stephen. Outside of Scouting, Refieuna is a Knight Commander with Star of the Pontifical Order of St. Gregory the Great and is active in the Knights of Columbus. He also holds the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol (U.S. Air Force Auxiliary) and Colonel in the Walsingham Guard, the uniformed humanitarian wing of the Patriachate of St. Stephen.