Sunday, November 21, 2021

Anglo-Roman Holy Father Condemns the Sale of Afghan Girls into Marriage


The following is a Patriarchal letter from His Holiness Papa Rutherford I regarding the situation of the selling of child brides in Afghanistan. This follows earlier statements by the Archfather on the human rights situation following the withdrawal of coalition forces from Afghanistan. 

Laudetur Jesus Christus! 

     Dear brethren, the vacuum of power left in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the United States and other nations, which allowed the violent return to power of the Taliban, has serious human rights consequences. On this we have already spoken, and indeed many of the world leaders of civil states have turned a deaf ear to the suffering of many. 

     Today, We wish to address a specific issue of human rights in Afghanistan, namely that of the selling of child brides. This ghastly and unfathomable practice is the result largely of the economic tur-moil created by the withdrawal of United States and coalition forces and the return to power of the Taliban. Those who were poor before now find themselves in even worse conditions, faced with making terrible choices. Others are recently impoverished due to the circum-stances and likewise find themselves making terrible choices. Many of the poor are selling their daughters, sometimes as young as seven or eight, into marriage. Some of them are destined for foreign countries. These girls are obviously, at that age, completely unaware of the circumstances of the arrangement. The practice is completely appalling and a violation of human rights, the dignity of mankind, and the sanctity of matrimony.

     Although we can be sympathetic to the crushing conditions that are resulting in fathers selling their child daughters into marriage, we nevertheless cannot approve of the practice. The blame must primarily lie, however, with those that put Afghan families into the economic conditions in the first place. That is the Taliban, as well as the Coalition forces that withdrew from Afghanistan, taking all of their protective capabilities with them.

     This is a crisis that good people cannot ignore. Therefore, We call upon all Christian people of the world to petition their civil governments through legal means to take appropriate action to safeguard the lives and dignity of those in Afghanistan impacted by recent economic decline. Furthermore, We call upon all Christian people of Coalition nations to petition their civil governments through legal means to take full and complete responsibility for the consequences of their actions.