Thursday, October 22, 2015

Researchers advance scientific knowledge on high altitude mountains

22 October 2015 (ORCNS) - A multi-year high-altitude mountaineering initiative seeks to advance scientific
Mgr. Rutherford Johnson,
project leader, during a
project expedition.
knowledge and promote world peace through awareness. The project, which began in 2005, investigated human decision-making processes in hypoxic environments. Studies were conducted on three high-altitude mountains, one quite remote, located on three continents. Other mountains were used for expedition training and preparation. Results of the research demonstrated a difference in decision outcomes under conditions of hypoxia as measured in the field, and agree with a similar laboratory study conducted in 2012 by an Italian team of scientists. (continued below)

Some expedition members preparing to trek to
one of the study locations.

Johnson on a preparatory climb.
The current study is led by Mgr. Rutherford Cardinal Johnson, PhD, STD, JCL, a professor of economics and geography. Johnson is also a traditional Old Roman Catholic Bishop of St. Stephen. He is a member of the famed Explorers Club, the professional field science organization whose membership list includes the late Sir Edmund Hillary, Jacques Piccard, Neil Armstrong, Robert Peary, and Theodore Roosevelt, among many other great explorers. 

"Our work continues the Church tradition of scientific enquiry, which has helped to advance human understanding of the universe for over 1000 years," Johnson said.