Saturday, February 3, 2018

Priest's Son Saves Woman's Life, Receives Commendation

WATERFORD, Penna., 3 February 2018 (ORCNS) - Prc. Brandon Deffenbaugh v. Aschaffenburg, son of the Very Rev. Mgr. Douglas Deffenbaugh, Prc. v. Aschaffenburg and Chancellor of the Court of St. Mary of Walsingham, was at work in late January when a woman in her mid-fifties went into cardiac arrest. Deffenbaugh revived her and, despite her going into cardiac arrest twice, he kept her alive for over an hour until a volunteer ambulance could arrive.

For his exemplary service to humanity in saving a life, the Walsingham Guard awarded Deffenbaugh the Walsingham Guard Commendation Medal with Gold Palm. The medal is only awarded with the gold palm for lifesaving action. He was also recognized with the Life Saving Award from the Waterford, Pennsylvania Fire Department. 

Mgr. Rutherford Johnson, Cardinal Patriarch of St. Stephen and Captain-General of the Walsingham Guard said that Deffenbaugh's actions were, " keeping with the highest traditions of selfless service to others promoted by the Walsingham Guard and highly deserving of recognition."

Walsingham Guard
Commendation Medal
with Gold Palm.