Saturday, June 18, 2022

Papa-Catholicos lays wreath at US Tomb of Unknown Soldier

WASHINGTON 18 June 2022 (NRom) -- His Holiness Rutherford I, Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arlington National Cemetery in the USA today. The ceremony was conducted with the tomb guards, the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the US Army, known as the "Old Guard." The Archfather commented: "Caring for the dead is an important act of mercy for all Christians. I enjoy visiting military cemeteries around the world, including the poignant monuments to unknown fallen soldiers, such as the one in Rome and the one at Arlington. Human life transcends borders and flags. As world events unfold, vast fields of tombstones commemorating military dead should stand as a stark admonition to world nations to cease taking interfering actions that inflame, escalate, expand, prolong, and worsen the ongoing conflict."  The Papa-Catholicos also complimented the highest ceremonial standards and military bearing exhibited by the Tomb Sentinels and expressed his appreciation for their kind hospitality. 

Wreath Laying Ceremony

See video of the ceremony below:

Inspection of the sentinel by the Relief Commander

Ceremonial bugler

Sentinel saluting the tomb.