Monday, July 25, 2022

Archfather: If you want to belong, invest.

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 25 July 2022 (NRom)

H.H. the Archfather issued this pastoral statement today. 

     Too often people want to belong – to an organisation, a church, a nation, a relationship, a company, etc. – but they stop their efforts upon entering the door. It is generally impossible to “belong” without investing in the organisation. At the very least, you will not get as much out of your membership, job, relationship, etc. without investing. (And can one really imagine a successful marriage without both husband and wife being completely invested and actively engaged?) 

    People are often busy and have many commitments, but that is not inherently a reason not to be invested and engaged. Often people expect others to do the work and simply want to bask in the reflected glory or reap the benefits. 

     The simple fact is, though, that doing good for others will help you feel good about yourself.  If you do not think you have the skills to help your organisation, marriage, nation, church, company, etc., then it is a great opportunity for self-improvement (which should a lifelong process anyway). Far too often, people choose to say “I can’t” and therefore never achieve their potential. 

     In life’s endeavours just as in prayer, one must give to receive. Too often people seek to gain as much as possible for the least possible investment. Yet that is a fallacy. Although the problem is nothing new, modern society seems determined to promote laxity and mediocrity. One need only look to the abysmal standards of dress commonly seen today as a symbol of that, for how we dress is a reflection of how we view ourselves and what we believe. Sometimes to improve ourselves we must first change from the outside in. 

     Now, sometimes being thoroughly invested and engaged is a thankless job. Doing good is sometimes met with attacks and criticism. We should do so anyway. If we let such pettiness deter us, then we ultimately harm ourselves just as much as the churches, relationships, organisations, nations, companies and so forth to which we belong.