Saturday, December 18, 2021

Destruction in Philippines & Kentucky: Anglo-Roman Holy Father Expresses Concern, Speaks of Hope

By A. DiNardo 


In the wake of the recent deadly typhoon in the Philippines and devastating tornadoes in Kentucky, USA, many people are seriously suffering. For survivors, the sobering reality is yet more hardship, confusion, sadness, pain, and problems on top of a world pandemic.  For them, the notion of happy Christmas holidays may seem distant; yet we know that faith and hope will help to rebuild. If you want to help, consider donating through the Apostolic See (Anglican Patriarchate), the Red Cross, or other reputable charities. His Holiness & Eminence Papa Rutherford I expressed his concern in a statement earlier today. The Archfather said:

Our prayers are with the people of the Philippines who are suffering the devastation of a typhoon, and with the people of Kentucky suffering the aftermath of devastating tornadoes. Amidst the death and destruction of major natural disasters, we see nevertheless hope for mankind in the Christlike, selfless service of those who rise to the challenge and help others. In those who comfort the grieving, lift up those who have been damaged, and rebuild what has been destroyed, we see the example of Christ in action. During this Advent season, let us therefore see hope in the coming of Christ. Let suffering here on earth be to the benefit of the poor souls in purgatory. Let us follow the example of obedience of the Blessed Virgin, going forward always in the faith of Christ, even through difficult times.