Saturday, December 31, 2022

Death of Pope Benedict XVI - Statement by the Papa-Prince of Rome-Ruthenia

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 31 December 2022 (NRom)

His Holiness the Papa-Prince of Rome-Ruthenia issued the following statement on the death of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. 

Early this morning, my court officials in the City of Rome informed me of the death of the Bishop Emeritus of Rome and my venerable Apostolic brother His Holiness Benedict XVI (Cardinal Ratzinger). This comes as a great sadness, though is accompanied with joy at the hope of his entry into the eternal kingdom of our Lord in Heaven.

Benedict was not only the last Bishop of Rome to date to seek actively to restore the traditions of the Latin Church and of his office, but also was a devoted supporter of the Apostolic See of Sts. Stephen and Mark. He and his curia acting in his name acknowledged and endorsed our Orthodox and Old Catholic See and its legitimate autocephaly (independence of government from the See of Rome and other Sees) and our Patriarchal office, as well as our ecclesiastical monarchy, family dynasty, and their titular patrimony. It was he whom we succeeded as temporal successor of St. Peter the Apostle, and thus it is in part his legacy that we devoutly perpetuate in that office.

Benedict XVI was a Pope-Bishop of Rome who sought to do his duty as a guardian of the faith and tradition. In that regard, he is an example to all -- particularly to those in church leadership. We institute a period of mourning, therefore, in the Imperial Roman Church and the Pontifical Imperial State of Rome-Ruthenia of thirty days.  

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christmas Message of the Papa-Catholicos with Apostolic Blessing

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 25 December 2022 (NRom)

His Holiness Rutherford I, Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia gave his customary address with Apostolic Blessing ex Urbe on the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord. The complete video is available below: 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Tackling Anti-Clerical, Anti-Hate Speech

By Staff


For a long time, there has been a phrase of hate speech floating around traditional religion that has effected and impacted many good Christian people and clergy. It is no different than a racial slur. We cannot believe this is still tolerated in a time so focused on stamping out hate speech, and so the Apostolic See of Sts. Stephen and Mark has addressed that issue in the form of a Question and Answer.

Q: I have heard the term "Episcopi Vagantes" (Wandering Bishops) about some Orthodox and Old Catholics. What does it mean?

The term episcopi vagantes (Latin for "wandering bishops") is a highly offensive hate term really no different, for example, than using a certain racial slur about people of African descent. It is used as an insult by some who are either ill-informed or who think only their church and churches they approve of are "real." It is very similar to forms of racial, ethnic, and sexual discrimination seen around the world. Fortunately most normal people don't pay much attention to this type of hate speech.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

New Code of Canon Law Released

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 16 November 2022 (NRom)

The Patriarchal Curia announces the promulgation of the 2022 Code of Canon Law of the Imperial Roman Church. This codex applies to all rites and jurisdictions therein, including the Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Catholicate and the Anglican Patriarchate. The new codex was established from the previous version in order to be both inclusive and relevant to the various rites, jurisdictions, and traditions represented within the Apostolic See of Saints Stephen and Mark.

The complete codex is available at the following website:

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Papa-Catholicos gives sermon on capitalism, communism, loss of values in society

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 12 November 2022 (NRom)

His Holiness Rutherford I, Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia gave a sermon today on the situation in the world. In it Papa Rutherford said that it is not capitalism, but the Christian faith that is the solution to threats of communism and socialism. The Papa-Catholicos also discussed the rise of individualism and loss of Christian values in Western society. The audio record and complete text of the sermon are below.


"Some say that capitalism is the solution to fighting communism and socialism. This, however, likewise leads to a treacherous path. Capitalism in its Christian form is often called distributism, in which there is a free market economy, but the means of production are spread as widely as possible instead of concentrated, and market forces and profit are not the only defining factors. In Christian commerce, individual benefit must be balanced against societal benefit and the impact of one's own actions on others.

Modern society continues to find ever-expanding ways to express its inherent selfishness and decline of values. Efforts in the world to destroy traditional society with its culture and values are aimed at the sole purpose of separating individuals from their faith. In that way they can more easily be manipulated by secular government and ultra-capitalist industry, for the people therefore come to lack the moral compass and the anchor that comes from our faith and our heritage.

What we see in particularly the Western world today is a complete abdication of the responsibilities that are inherent to us as human beings. It is the faith and our heritage that teach us that responsibility, so this outcome is no surprise.

There are those in the world who still espouse, feel, live, and promote their faith and traditional Christian heritage, however. There are those who risk all and fight for faith and justice. It is such people and such societies that should serve as an example to those who have lost their faith and should furthermore serve as beacons of hope and encouragement to those Christians around the world who find themselves in the minority, trying to scream the message of Christ into the hurricane of modern Satanic secularism. We know that hurricanes do not last forever, though, and so we must continue to remain strong and fight for the faith. Indeed, our faith tells us that the victory shall be ours in the end!"

Saturday, November 5, 2022

House of Hyrcania incorporated into the Pontifical Nobility

Source: Public Domain
By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 5 November 2022 (NRom)

Today the Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia admitted the Royal House of Hyrcania, headed by H.R.H.  Grand Prince Hernán Alejandro Olano, to the nobility of the Pontifical Imperial State of Rome-Ruthenia. The modern Pontifical Roman State is an ecclesiastical entity that carries on the history and tradition of the original Pontifical States, the Roman Empire, and the various Holy Roman Empire states that form part of the patrimony of the Imperial Roman Church. The head of the House, Grand Prince Hernán Alejandro, is a Knight Commander of the Order of the Pontifical States and is also a Knight of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia, under the House of Bagration, among other honours. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Enthronement of Gallican Primate at Buenos Aires Liturgy

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 26 October 2022 (NRom)

Videos have been released by the Royal Merovingian Dynasty of the solemn enthronement of His Reverence the Most Reverend Alejandro Rodrigues as Archbishop of Lyons and Primate of the Gallican Rite of the Catholic Church. The Gallican Rite, of Greek and Antiochean origins, is part of the spiritual structure of the Imperial Roman Church (within the Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Catholicate) and the temporal leadership of the Merovingian Dynasty under His Most Christian Majesty Esteve IV (Don Rubén Alberto Gavaldá). The liturgy according to the Gallican Rite was celebrated by His Excellency Monsignor Carlos Vich y Pizarro, Capitular Bishop of the Patriarchal Chapter. 

The enthronement took place on the feast of the Assumption, 15 August, earlier this year, following the formal consecration and coronation of Don Rubén as head of the Merovingian Dynasty. Archbishop Rodrigues is also a Capitular Archbishop of the Patriarchal Chapter of the Pontifical Court. The Gallican Rite is an historic part of the patrimony of the Merovingian Dynasty and is a minority intangible cultural heritage that the dynasty protects and preserves today. Members of the Gallican Rite regularly serve the poor of Buenos Aires and many other locations. 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Pontifical Walsingham Guard Toasts Tenth Anniversary!

By S. di Giardino

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 24 October 2022 (NRom)

This year the Pontifical Walsingham Guard toasts its 10th anniversary of modern service. Though it traces its roots to various militaries in the 10th century and earlier, the modern organization was founded in 2012. As an ecclesiastical, humanitarian, and ceremonial organization, it no longer serves a de facto military purpose. Instead, it seeks to inspire lives of strength, compassion, and peace in its membership. Members of the Guard are almost exclusively drawn from military veterans.

Also, during this anniversary year, the Guard underwent a major reorganization. The complex structure was simplified, and the large number of units were combined. The current units more directly reflect the heritage of the Pontifical and Imperial Household. The current units are the Pontifical Ruthenian Palatine Guard, Noble Guard, Naval Guard, and Air Guard, as well as the Pontifical Airborne Guard of Honour. Together these provide homes of Christian-based humanitarian and benevolent service for veterans with the outward style consistent with each member's service background. Additionally, the Guard maintains an Office of Chaplains, as well as certain other offices as needed – such as medicine. Among the reorganized structure is a highly simplified rank structure in line with both the history and nature of the Guard today.

The membership of the Pontifical Walsingham Guard currently exists on four continents. Although it is part of the Pontifical and Imperial Household of the Imperial Roman Church, its ranks are open to Christians of all denominations. In fact, the Household continuously has preached against denominational snobbery and encouraged broad cooperation among the worldwide Christian population.

For more information about the Pontifical Walsingham Guard, please visit its website at:

Sunday, October 23, 2022

The Arrogant Petulance Common among Clergy and Laity

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 23 October 2022 (NRom)

H.H. Rutherford I, Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia gave the following sermon earlier today regarding the behavior of clergy and laity causing so many to leave the church. 

Complete transcript of the sermon: 

     As Christians, we are called to try, despite the weakness of human frailty, to be as Christlike as possible. We are called to love our neighbours as ourselves. To facilitate this and more, Christ gave us the Church, which indeed does have the standards of the faith to maintain. However, there are those in the church, both clergy and laity, who choose to exhibit such arrogant petulance and such sanctimonious superiority and condescension that is absolutely no wonder that so many people over the years have either reduced their participation or left the church outright in disgust. There are, of course, various other reasons people leave - including the modernist influence inside various parts of the church and general secularism and antireligious sentiment in society at large. Yet, the church’s own people and even the church’s own leaders at times bear much of the responsibility.

     So often the leadership and laity of a particular division of Christ’s Holy Church are so puffed up with pride believing that they are the single ultimate world authority or the one true division of the church to which all others must bow. From the Vatican to the Eastern monasteries, to Canterbury Cathedral, and various autocephalous apostolic churches, both orthodox and catholic, from large to small, this arrogant attitude exists. Hypocrisy abounds.

     So often there is the belief that this group is legitimate and that group is not. Silly minutia becomes extrapolated into countless pages of meaningless drivel masquerading as academic writing. Do the authors of such nonsense realise that most clergy and certainly almost all laity could not care less about such things and may not even understand them at all? In their confusion, they wonder why people are focused on trivialities rather than important matters such as worship and prayer. The results are often that people either become disgusted with the stupidity and leave religion, or else they decide to follow along and become equally as hateful and harmful to others who are deemed by their leadership to be “outside of the group.” How sad. Christ surely must weep and Satan surely must rejoice as the people of God are split further and further apart by the pomposity of so many in the church. Pitting one Christian against another with a self-righteous attitude is indeed the work of the devil.

     There is but one church, though in the fallen, fractured state of mankind, it is no wonder that it is so divided and divisive today. In the early church, the church was divided among local churches – which were nothing more than parts of the whole, established under Apostolic authority for the better service of Christ’s people. There were disputes, of course, for that is, again, a typical byproduct of the fallen state of mankind. Yet, beginning especially with the Great Schism 1000 years ago, to the Protestant movement, to the secular, modernist movements of today, the church arguably has never been so divided. Why, then, do we seek to attack our brethren under the false label of charitable admonition? Why do we exclude when we should embrace? Why do we engage in vile calumny masquerading as righteousness?

     As the bishop’s so lead, being the shepherds in succession from the Apostles, the clergy follows their example. In turn, as the clergy lead, the laity follows their example. The bishops of the world must set a good example. They must extend their hand in Christian friendship to one and all and close the doors to none. This is not to say that any of us should adopt an “anything goes” policy. We each have the standards of the faith that we are to maintain, but those standards exist to help people get closer to God, not to push them away. The divisions of the church around the world will not be solved or healed overnight. We do not inherently have to compromise on our most sacred beliefs, but we should seek unity and cooperation rather than shutting the doors in someone’s face. I have seen this pathetic, cowardly behaviour among priests and laity alike – from countless jurisdictions. I have witnessed bishops attack each other, I have witnessed famous priests of the Vatican church openly sliming the reputation of others, and I witnessed seen people who claim to be Christians vilifying the faith of others… Why do they do it? For no other reason than it makes them feel good. It fills a void inside and makes them feel better about themselves through the putting down of someone else. Yet that void can never be filled by anything other than Christ, whom they themselves have excluded for whatever reason despite their outward pretenses of faith and religion. And so they continue trying to fill the endless chasm that is within them with more and more vilification of others.

     Indeed, such people may be deserving of condemnation, but much more than that they are in need of compassion and pity. What else can we do but pity someone who has such a low opinion of themselves that they seek to build self-esteem by tearing down others? If they had Christ, they would have no such need – and thus we can be filled with nothing but the greatest pity and compassion for them. Yet we cannot be blind to the great destruction to the church that they have done over the centuries and continue to do now, including being the root cause for many people leaving the church and even the faith altogether. That is a great and immense tragedy. None of us is omnipotent, and so we should each pray and find our own way to improve the situation through our own example.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Imperial Roman Church Promotes Service on World Hunger Day


By A. DiNardo

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 16 October 2022 (NRom)

Today is World Hunger Day. This is a call to everyone to serve! 

As a sovereign entity and a church that is both Orthodox and Catholic, the Imperial Roman Church's ecclesiastical territories include some of the world's most impoverished areas. From soup kitchens to disaster relief, our people continue to serve the poor, the marginalised, and the starving on multiple continents. 

Following the call of the Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia "...that we may all embrace and serve one another in the example of Christ," please consider contributing to local and world food banks and serving those in need directly. 

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Princely House of Riboalte incorporated into the Pontifical Nobility

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 15 October 2022 (NR

Earlier this week, the Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia admitted the Most Serene Princely House of Riboalte, headed by H.R.S.H. Prince Joan de Riboalte, to the nobility of the Pontifical Imperial State of Rome-Ruthenia. The modern Pontifical Roman State is an ecclesiastical entity that carries on the history and tradition of the original Pontifical States, the Roman Empire, and the various Holy Roman Empire states that form part of the patrimony of the Imperial Roman Church

The House of Riboalte is governed by a system of elective monarchy, which elects the heir and the Head of the House. The head of the House of Riboalte also holds hereditary titles from the House of Piccolomini d'Aragona, including Prince of Modanella. The house also oversee the Sovereign Honorary Order of Riboalte (SOHR) and the Brotherhood Knights and Dames of the Holy True Cross (HCDSVC).

Friday, October 7, 2022

Conquering Hypocrisy and Satan

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 7 October 2022 (NRom)

On the Feast of Our Lady of Victory, His Holiness the Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia, Rutherford I released the following pontifical letter entitled Conquering Hypocrisy and Satan.

“O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?” (Luke 12.56). Hypocrisy is a well-known trait – so much so that we perhaps have all become numb to it. We see it on an individual basis, and we see it in organisations and national governments. So often hypocrisy accompanies interfering in someone else’s business – an all-to-common individual and organisational trait. It is often even a national trait. Moral complacency – such as simply saying “hypocrisy is just a fact of life” – is moral complicity. On a societal scale, it is among the signs of a society that has given into satanic influences.

Hypocrisy on an individual scale can certainly cause problems for others. On an organisational, governmental, and global scale, however, the effects can be an humanitarian crisis and prolonged, escalated death and destruction. Conflict is an unfortunate but regular part of life. Between nations, cannon are the last argument of kings. Indeed, there is “…a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.” (Ecclesiastes 3:8).

Yet on both a large and a small scale, there are those who seek to interfere in the business of others, and there are those that, rather than live and let live, insist on trying to force others to live and act according to their rules and according to their permission. Such interference easily makes a difficult situation worse and a tense, dangerous situation even more deadly. As our Lord said, blessed are the peacemakers. Yet some come in the guise of a peacemaker, duplicitously bringing false promises contrary to God.

Interference becomes all the more complex when one party condemns another for doing the very same thing that they themselves have done on a regular basis. The one party says that whatever they do, no matter the cost to others, no matter the merits of the initial argument or the outcome, it is righteous and good. Then they condemn the other party for doing the selfsame thing. It is a double standard in the extreme. However, it is one thing when it is merely a complaint, for the dog barks and the wind carries it away. It is an entirely different thing when interfering actions cause real damage – even more so when the damage is on a very wide scale impacting countless lives.

Now, if a particular nation did something that they have come to believe is wrong, they might potentially be correct in speaking against it when it is done by others. For that to be genuine, however, there must be true contrition – an admission of guilt coupled with acts of reparation and atonement, as well as a strong resolve that such will never be done again. Yet, this is invariably lacking, as much of the world’s leadership climbs on a moral soapbox built on the blood and bones of the victims of their policies while pointing the finger at others.

Indeed, some people claw their way to their position, even through questionable and unethical behaviour. Upon reaching their goal, they say “I have mine, so a pox on you.” They set barriers and barricades to thwart others, create rules to prevent others from making the same achievements, try to rig the system so that their permission is required for advancement, and suddenly and hypocritically condemn in others the same questionable actions that got them to their position. This is not merely an individual phenomenon, but seen in organisations. It is regularly seen in nations.

So often the “developed” nations attempt to force hegemony on other nations, particularly developing nations. A developed nation may have done certain things in its rise to power that it now decides to condemn as wrong, seeking to stop such actions from being done by other nations in their quest for development and national advancement. That is inevitably done under some sort of benevolent-sounding heading, such as environmental protection, human rights, or even peace. Yet, “[the servants of Satan] disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.” (II Corinthians 11). The real purpose is power and control. At least in the age of kings and great empires, there was no pretense in the sense of what we see today. Motivation was arguably far more transparent and honest.

Indeed, in the age of kings and great empires in Christendom, for all its faults (for anything human will be flawed), underlying society was at least the firm footing of the Christian faith. Despite human frailty, laws, policies, diplomacy, and even warfare were built on a foundation of the Christian faith. As the Apostles tell us, works without faith are meaningless, and faith without action is no faith at all. Much of the world today has indeed lost its faith and become guided by satanic influences.

What can we do? First, we must learn to separate those things that we can control from those things that we cannot. Even the most powerful men on earth cannot control everything, no matter how they may try. Then we must seek on an individual basis to build our entire lives on the Christian faith. Everything we do, while still recognising our frailty as humans, must flow from the altar of God. We must encourage this in others, both by words and above all by our own example. Since society is comprised of individuals, individual faith and faith-based action can only serve to remove Satan from power and improve society as a whole. This then can improve government and world events. As our Lord said, “If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.” (Luke 17.6.) Therefore, “put on the full armour of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” (Ephesians 6.11.)

Friday, September 23, 2022

Recent Earthquakes and Floods: Statement of the Chief of the General Staff of the Pontifical Walsingham Guard

By HIRH Msgr. Gr. Dk. Daniel Coberly v. Würzburg

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 21 September 2022 (NRom)

HIRH Gr. Dk. Daniel Coberly,
Chief of the General Staff

The Chief of the General Staff of the Pontifical Walsingham Guard issued the following statement:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Mexico, Taiwan, Pakistan, and Puerto Rico as they struggle to survive devastating earthquakes and flooding. 

We ask that Guardsmen and others support rescue support activities and charitable groups to the extent possible. 

Should you wish to donate to disaster relief programs please consider the following well-known groups that offer food, shelter, clothing, medical care, emergency funds, and relocation assistance: 

Note: The Imperial Roman Church and all entities thereof are unaffiliated with the following and make no endorsement of their quality. Links are merely provided as a courtesy. Donors are advised to exercise due diligence before making the personal decision of whether or not to contribute.  

Puerto Rico:

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Statement of HH the Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia on the death of Elizabeth II.

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 08 September 2022 (NRom)

From the Pontifical Court: H.H. the Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia issued the following statement on the death of Elizabeth II.

"Although we pray for all Christian dead, what is far more important than the death of someone who was in her 90s and lived a very long life of significant luxury is the ongoing death of so many young men in the Donbass whose lives have been cut short in battle, and the collateral deaths of many civilians."

Monday, August 1, 2022

Statement by the Pontifical Walsingham Guard on Kentucky Floods

Msgr. Daniel Coberly
Chief of the General Staff

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 01 August 2022 (NRom)

Statement by the Chief of the General Staff of the Pontifical Walsingham Guard on Kentucky Floods

Our thoughts and prayers are steadfast with the people of Kentucky and other states so terribly affected by recent rainfall and resulting floods. Indeed, increasingly dismal weather conditions throughout the world, including intense heat and drought in addition to such rainfall and floods are evidence of changing planetary conditions. We will do all we can to assist our fellows.

You may be able to help by contacting local government or the Red Cross.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Archfather: If you want to belong, invest.

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 25 July 2022 (NRom)

H.H. the Archfather issued this pastoral statement today. 

     Too often people want to belong – to an organisation, a church, a nation, a relationship, a company, etc. – but they stop their efforts upon entering the door. It is generally impossible to “belong” without investing in the organisation. At the very least, you will not get as much out of your membership, job, relationship, etc. without investing. (And can one really imagine a successful marriage without both husband and wife being completely invested and actively engaged?) 

    People are often busy and have many commitments, but that is not inherently a reason not to be invested and engaged. Often people expect others to do the work and simply want to bask in the reflected glory or reap the benefits. 

     The simple fact is, though, that doing good for others will help you feel good about yourself.  If you do not think you have the skills to help your organisation, marriage, nation, church, company, etc., then it is a great opportunity for self-improvement (which should a lifelong process anyway). Far too often, people choose to say “I can’t” and therefore never achieve their potential. 

     In life’s endeavours just as in prayer, one must give to receive. Too often people seek to gain as much as possible for the least possible investment. Yet that is a fallacy. Although the problem is nothing new, modern society seems determined to promote laxity and mediocrity. One need only look to the abysmal standards of dress commonly seen today as a symbol of that, for how we dress is a reflection of how we view ourselves and what we believe. Sometimes to improve ourselves we must first change from the outside in. 

     Now, sometimes being thoroughly invested and engaged is a thankless job. Doing good is sometimes met with attacks and criticism. We should do so anyway. If we let such pettiness deter us, then we ultimately harm ourselves just as much as the churches, relationships, organisations, nations, companies and so forth to which we belong. 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Pontifical Court Mourns Loss of Commander of the Pontifical Airbourne Guard of Honour

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 21 July 2022 (NRom)

The Pontifical Court announces the death of Major General H.E. Marquis William Weber of Alcazar, Honourary Commander of the Pontifical Airborne Guard of Honour in the Pontifical Walsingham Guard. The Marquis was also a retired Colonel of the US Army, Korean War veteran, and held the Patriarchal Service Cross in recognition of his service. His other honours included the Chivalric Military Merit Order of St. Adrian and St. Sebastian, the Chivalric Merit Order of St. Martin de Porres, the St. Michael Chivalric Airbourne Order of Merit, the Holy Military Order of St. Michael, the St. Michael Chivalric Airborne Order of Merit, the Borgo Priolo Distinguished Order of Merit, and the ceremonial office of Grand Constable in the Ecclesiastical Archducal House of Alcazar.

Friday, July 15, 2022

The Non-Vocation of Hobby Clergy - New Encyclical

 The Non-Vocation of Hobby Clergy

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 15 July 2022 (NRom)

Encyclical, 15 July 2022


     As it always has, the modern world seeks to destroy vocations of the clergy and weaken the church. Thus the bishops to whom the church has been entrusted must constantly guide and admonish the clergy, and above all set a proper example. 

     In recent times, We have seen in many jurisdictions around the world hobby priests and hobby clerics with a skewed understanding of vocation, and We have seen countless other abuses. Military chaplaincies have been among the most affected, with many priests abandoning the examples of their wartime predecessors and, for example, merely wearing a stole over a uniform to celebrate the liturgy rather than wearing the proper prescribed vestments. That is an act in violation of canon law. Such lapses in clerical dress permeate the church as a whole. Lapses such as that are problematic in and of themselves, but furthermore contribute to the decline of personal discipline so essential to any clergyman. Such decline of discipline leads to problems in liturgy, problems in sacraments, problems in theology – all of which weaken the position of the church in the world, and all of which have led to the numerous abuses even in the highest levels of church hierarchy around the world. Much of the Church has abandoned the true faith and tradition so that it is scarcely recognizable today.

     Now, what we wear speaks to what we believe and what we profess. Therefore, We will begin with the importance of clerical vesture. Indeed, clergy must dress according to the manner prescribed by the church. There are options of lay-style dress under certain circumstances permitted under canon law. However, reason and intent are important. If one’s philosophy is to wear clerical attire only within church property or when doing something sacramental, but one would never wear clerical vesture to a store, to a concert, to a restaurant, etc., then the underlying philosophical premise is greatly flawed. If one fails to wear clerical vesture because it may offend another person, even a family member, then the underlying philosophical premise is greatly flawed. 

     To put it simply so that there may be no misunderstanding, the clerical habit is the default and standard dress of all clergy of all grades. This is particularly true of bishops and priests, but equally applicable to other grades as well. All other forms of dress worn by clergy are inherently exceptions and must still be not only in accordance with the long-standing rules of the church, but must meet the standards of proper intent. Where we as clergy may be told by others not to wear what we are bound to wear by our sacred duty, then we are likewise bound by that same sacred duty and the laws of the church either to avoid such places or to wear unambiguous clerical vesture anyway.

     Now, again, what we wear speaks to what we believe and what we profess. This is a problem that leads to the widespread situation across countless jurisdiction of the so-called hobby priest or hobby cleric. A hobby priest does not live his location at all times and all places and forgets that he is indeed a cleric in the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic, and Apostolic Church at all times and in all places. There is no true off-duty period for clergyman. Yet even bishops and priests have been known to shirk their duties and hide their vocation. They have forgotten that even one single priest celebrating the mass, the divine liturgy alone does more good for the world and all the heroic acts of mankind throughout history put together. Indeed, no one celebrates the mass alone, for all the angels, seraphim, and saints are there. It is the most powerful force on earth – more powerful than the most awesome weapon created by mankind, and more powerful than the most potent of leaders of civil states. Why, then, would any clergyman with a true vocation want to avoid is sacred duty? Why would he not feel his vocation always and everywhere and wants to live it? There can be no higher personal identity for a cleric other than being a cleric. It must supersede all other aspects of identity always. 

     Those who are hobby priests and hobby clerics either have forgotten their vocation or have no vocation whatsoever. They must look within themselves and pray to Almighty God for assistance in regaining what they have lost. To be a hobby cleric is a slap in the face of Christ to whom the Church is eternally married. If a cleric cannot give up the ways of treating the vocation as a hobby, then he would be better not to be a cleric at all, for to remain is dishonest.

     It is inconceivable that any priest or other cleric with a true vocation could possibly be happy not being involved in the sacramental life of the church, not living his vocation in everything he does, and hiding his vocation from the world, lest he be rejected. Yet, it is better to be rejected by the entirety of the world if one at least pleases God, for pleasing God is everything. God does not reject anyone, but it is people who reject him instead. It is no different with clergy, and hobby priests and hobby clerics who only play at their vocation ultimately reject God.

     This is such a widespread problem across countless ecclesiastical Sees around the world that We would fail in Our own duty if We did not speak on it. Therefore, We admonish first and foremost all bishops to set a proper example and to counsel and admonish their own clergy as necessary. We further admonish all clergy to follow the responsibilities of their sacred duty. This is absolutely essential for the church to stand against the pressures of the world. God will not abandon those who do not abandon him, no matter how difficult things may seem. This is faith.   

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Pontifical Majordomo Receives Honourary Seminary Doctorate

Doctoral Diploma
By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 13 July 2022 (NRom)

H.G. Floyd Jack di Alcazar, Pontifical Majordomo was recently awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Sacred Letters (S.Litt.D.) by the Pontifical Georgian College, principal seminary of the Imperial Roman Church. The degree is the main honorary degree awarded by the seminary by the President and faculty. It is most commonly awarded to recognize outstanding scholarship or service. The majordomo was given the honorary degree for his noteworthy and long-term international service to the Pontifical Court and to the late Archbishop Norman Dutton, a significant figure in global humanitarian and charitable service to those in need.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

New Pontifical Majordomo Appointed

By J. DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 12 July 2022 (NRom)

The Pontifical Court of the Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Catholicate announces that His Holiness the Papa-Catholicos has appointed His Grace Chevalier Floyd Jack, Archduke of Alcazar as the Pontifical Majordomo. This position is one of the highest-ranking officials of the church and serves as the chief steward of the Pontifical Court, playing a major role in helping the Papa-Catholicos in his ceremonial and administrative work. The new Majordomo's pontifical honours include Knight Commander of the Pontifical Order of the Eagle and Knight of Saints George and Olga, among others. A recipient of many orders of chivalry and honours around the world, he is also a retired State Defense Force officer and officer in the Airbourne Guard of Honour of the Pontifical Walsingham Guard. The Majordomo has a long and distinguished history of community building, historical preservation, and humanitarian service through the church and orders of chivalry and benevolent societies around the world. He is well-known for his selfless service to others as a leader of a number of distinguished international orders and societies. 

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Pontifical Court mourns loss of Archbishop Dutton

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 30 June 2022 (NRom)

His Serene Highness Archbishop Norman Dutton died recently. He was former Metropolitan in the Anglican Episcopal Church and a Capitular Archbishop of the Pontifical Order of St. Stephen (the official name of the Patriarchal Chapter within the Pontifical Court). Archbishop Dutton was not only a devoted shepherd of a worldwide flock of Christian souls, but he was also an international champion of the cause of Christian chivalry and nobility and its relevance in the modern world. While the Western world at large today seems determined to abandon its roots, its customs and traditions, its heritage, and its faith, Archbishop Dutton was determined to keep those ideals alive and work to promote them for future generations. He realised that it was a sacred trust, and it was a duty that he took very seriously.

The Archbishop positively impacted many lives around the world – on every continent except perhaps Antarctica. The worldwide network of knights and nobles he served and in turn inspired them to serve others. This is his true and lasting legacy, for their work will continue in perpetuity.

His Holiness the Papa-Catholicos was deeply saddened by the news of the loss of such a trusted and valued advisor and friend. The Archfather said, "Archbishop Dutton exemplifies the very essence of what it means to be a bishop. Indeed his legacy will live on through the Pontifical Court and the entire Imperial Roman Church."

Friday, June 24, 2022

Papa-Catholicos Responds to Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Ruling

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 24 June 2022 (NRom)

The recent ruling by the US Supreme Court overturning the famous Roe v Wade decision has said that there is no constitutional, i.e., federal right to abortion in the United States. To those of us around the world of the Holy, Orthodox, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, this represents a major step forward in the defence of life. However, it is not a complete victory, for the decision now simply seems to rest with the individual states that comprise the United States. Thus abortion will remain legal in many areas, and with great sadness We can only expect that over 1 million unborn children may continue to be murdered (and arguably martyred) within the United States each year. The faithful must continue to pray for this wholesale slaughter to end. At the same time, We reiterate that the faithful must be compassionate to those who are contemplating the sin of abortion so that the love of Christ may indeed turn their hearts. We also pray that neither side of this issue will resort to violence and uncharitable acts against their opponents, for that only deepens the conflict and makes reconciliation and a return to respect for life all the more difficult. Let us give thanks that the American Supreme Court has issued a ruling that is generally supportive of the doctrine of the Christian faith, and let of us continue to pray that society will learn to respect life in the example of Christ. Let us especially pray the rosary, that the intercession of the Blessed Virgin who chose life so that all mankind may have hope of everlasting life may turn the hearts of everyone.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Papa-Catholicos lays wreath at US Tomb of Unknown Soldier

WASHINGTON 18 June 2022 (NRom) -- His Holiness Rutherford I, Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arlington National Cemetery in the USA today. The ceremony was conducted with the tomb guards, the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the US Army, known as the "Old Guard." The Archfather commented: "Caring for the dead is an important act of mercy for all Christians. I enjoy visiting military cemeteries around the world, including the poignant monuments to unknown fallen soldiers, such as the one in Rome and the one at Arlington. Human life transcends borders and flags. As world events unfold, vast fields of tombstones commemorating military dead should stand as a stark admonition to world nations to cease taking interfering actions that inflame, escalate, expand, prolong, and worsen the ongoing conflict."  The Papa-Catholicos also complimented the highest ceremonial standards and military bearing exhibited by the Tomb Sentinels and expressed his appreciation for their kind hospitality. 

Wreath Laying Ceremony

See video of the ceremony below:

Inspection of the sentinel by the Relief Commander

Ceremonial bugler

Sentinel saluting the tomb.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Cardinal Sodano, Supporter of the Catholicate Dies at Age 94

By A. DiNardo

VATICAN CITY 28 May 2022 (NRom)

His Eminence Angelo Raffaele Cardinal Sodano, retired Secretary of State of the Vatican City and Dean Emeritus of the Sacred College of Cardinals of the Roman Communion died yesterday at age 94. His Eminence was godfather of His Holiness and Eminence the Papa-Catholicos and His Eminence Cardinal Duke v.u.z. Westphalia. Papa Rutherford I said, "Although I am saddened by this news, I am even more thankful that such a devoted servant of Christ left such lasting, positive, tradutional influence on the Holy Church. His Eminence's kindness and support of me will never be forgotten. Indeed, the Imperial Roman Church, Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Catholicate, and the Anglican Patriarchate are all his lasting legacy."

Statement of the Chief of the General Staff on Current Violence

Msgr. Daniel Coberly 


The terribly sad events of recent days grieve all of us greatly, none more so than parents and relatives who lost a loved one. Our prayers are with them, for them, and for the children and adults who died senselessly. We all react normally to that abnormal situation...shocked, angry, aghast, seeking to assign blame, demanding what we think are simple solutions to a complex craziness. We seek to make sense out of nonsense, to rationalize the irrational. Yet we know in our hearts that the world has always been a violent place. There have been and may always be defective acts by defective people that seem senseless to the sensible and defenseless. Oh, we are indeed powerfully angry. Yet, there is a huge difference between our anger and the so-called "angry shooter". For we do not react to this major pain and insult with violence of our own; not even those millions among us who own "guns". Ponder that difference for a moment before over-simplified political polarizations kick in. For, we cannot imagine a more powerful rage than among a parent who lost an innocent child in such a terrible way....

The world is full of angry whackadoodles who learn from childhood, from entertainment that violence is ok and there is no reality to consequence. Our nation has encouraged whiners, not winners, sports stars not hard work, differences, not similarities. There are more “guns” than people, yes. There are also laws that people ignore, numbering in tens of thousands of laws still on books exceeding the populations of some major cities - and as a result, they are difficult to monitor and enforce. Few people with gun safety education-which should be everyone-harm anyone. There are those who would suppose there are more abortions that are not murders than there are such senseless acts of shooting children. When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. A zillion laws will not stop one crazed person with a rock, a stick, a bat, a knife, a gun, a car….no amount of legislation will regulate morality nor common sense nor peace. No one is instantly ready at all times to stop one nut. We maintain military might to stop world-class bullies, but many die and legally murder to justly do so. It is the unjust that we each define that moves us, extremely evident in this cowardly and yes-crazy act. Some mental health care people say these shooters are “just angry, not crazy, not sociopaths, psychopaths, etc. others say spend more $$ on mental health care; certainly. That won’t stop a sane angry person though, will it? And not every looney toon. Consider also that many of these “sane and angry” are killed without us being able to accurately state their true mental health condition. We can read their manifestos, that to reasonable person sound rather unreasoned, unhinged with insane results. Personal example, a worldly education, a culture of compassion, of standards, of learning from failures and how to cope with life, those are things that our parents, churches used to actually teach, not just preach. We are what we think we are. Teach how to think. Have realistic expectations. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Guns make it easier to kill people—but also to stop someone from doing so. It would take total dictatorship to attempt to confiscate guns, ammo or weapons; there will always be someone who has them.

Maybe it is time to return to the simple notion that it takes a village to raise a child.  Each of us has a personal responsibility -- a duty -- to children, to ourselves, and to each other, not only to protect, but to set a positive example.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Curia Responds to Requests for Spiritual Guidance on World Military Events

By Jean DuBois


In response to various enquiries, the Patriarchal Curia of the Imperial Roman Church issued a statement earlier today on behalf of the Papa-Catholicos. The statement pertained to three key areas in military action around the world. The first regards trials for alleged war crimes. The second centered on legitimacy of large-scale contributions of war materiel and military-related financial contributions. The third pertained to large-scale military treaty alliance organizations and their potential threat to global security. As always, the Curia provided a concise statement consistent with the traditional doctrine of the Christian faith.  The Curia also urged national leaders to follow the precepts of Christian heritage and doctrine.

Response 1

War can bring out both the best and worst traits in humanity. Many fall as victims of man's inhumanity to man. Yet, while some acts do indeed exceed legitimacy under the Just Warfare Doctrine of the Christian faith, the mere existence of an unfortunate or terrible occurrence does not automatically render it a war crime. Soldiers who are carrying out orders for a stated legitimate military purpose cannot be legitimately held criminally or civilly responsible, tried, or punished for alleged war crimes. The exceptions to that are extremely rare and centre on the legitimate, reasonable possibility of such a soldier to be able to know that an act is inherently illegal and be able to prevent it in the inherently chaotic circumstances of warfare. Such greatly exceeds the authority of soldiers in general and would result in a break-down of discipline and hierarchy essential to military operations. Similarly, the question of intent, both on the part of commanders and soldiers, is absolutely essential in determining legitimacy of criminal and civil responsibility for alleged war crimes.  To hold anyone criminally or civilly responsible, to try them, or to inflict punishment of any kind in violation of these precepts for an alleged war crime is itself a grave moral offense and an affront against human dignity, rendering the perpetrators of such trials themselves potentially criminally and civilly responsible.

Response 2 

Nations that engage in large-scale transfer of weapons and other war materiel, as well as significant military funding and other support, no matter the stated purpose, become moral participants in a particular war. Thus they have moral responsibility for the results of their contributions. Such transfers often prolonged killing, suffering, and destruction. Therefore blood stains the hands of nations engaged in such transfers. Furthermore, such transfers, given their scale, if at the detriment of the population of the countries making the transfers, violate a higher objective of a nation to serve and care for the people within their borders who have therefore been placed within their care. 

     The Curia, consistent with the doctrine of the Christian faith, calls upon all nations to be prudent in their support of military actions of other nations that they may choose to do through contributions of weapons, war materiel, and money. Such support should be minimal, if it is even done at all, for their actions tend merely to prolong combat, expand killing, and increase destruction and human suffering.

Response 3

The lessons of the Great War demonstrate the problems of large-scale military assistance treaty organisations. In the Great War, the situation was one of overlapping smaller military alliances that led in short order to a simple regional conflict exploding into the entirety of Europe, even drawing in troops from other parts of the world. Similarly, large-scale military assistance treaty organisations, particularly when they treat an attack on one as an attack on all in all circumstances, have the tremendous potential to allow regional conflict to explode quickly into large-scale warfare. Nations have a responsibility to de-escalate conflicts to which they are a party as much as possible, and to act in ways that are neutral or to de-escalate conflicts not directly involving them and not instead to add fuel to the fire. 

    Also, such treaty organisations have demonstrated their continued willingness to engage in warfare with other nations outside their organisation. The existence of a large-scale treaty organisation may make it very difficult for a nation involved in a conflict with even a single country within that treaty organisation to engage in defensive or retaliatory combat for fear of drawing the entire body of nations within the treaty organisation into the conflict. Therefore, such organisations have the potential to enable one or more of their members to become international military oppressors with relative impunity. 

   Nations have a right to establish their own such organisations in response to other treaty organisations as a matter of legitimate security and self-defense. However, such alliances overall should be avoided and preferably disbanded.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

New Gallican Priest Ordained

BUENOS AIRES 15 May 2022 (NRom)

His Most Excellent Reverence Monsignor Rodrigues, Archbishop of Lyons and Primate of the Gallican Rite ordains a new priest for the Holy Church.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Concordat Strengthens Religious, Historical Work

By Jean DuBois 

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 27 April 2022 (NRom)

The Pontifical Household of the Imperial Roman Church (Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Catholicate and Anglican Patriarchate of Rome) and the Pontifical Roman State recently signed a concordat with the Royal Merovingian Dynasty. Once the rulers of France before Charlemagne, the Merovingian household is one of the most ancient royal and noble families in the world today. The Merovingian dynasty is also the temporal head of the Gallican Rite of the Catholic Church, which, in addition to having its own Primate, is under the spiritual leadership of the Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Catholicate. This concordat, signed by Rutherford I and Don Rubén de Gévaudan, builds on an established and long-lasting partnership for religious service, humanitarian work, and the preservation of the traditions and history of our common ethnic heritage.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Blessing Ex Urbe for Easter 2022

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 17 April 2022 (NRom)

Video of the Blessing Ex Urbe for Easter 2022. 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Archfather sends Holy Thursday Letter

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 14 April 2022 (NRom)

Holy Thursday letter of His Holiness the Florentine-Roman Papa, traditionally sent to priests, clergy, and lay leadership. 


This year our Lenten journey saw much of the world torn apart, as it has been so many times in history, by hatred, bigotry, ignorance, and fear. As we know from the prophet Isaiah, however, the people that walked in darkness shall see a great light. That light is Christ. Tomorrow we commemorate our Lord as Victim, and Sunday we celebrate His glorious Resurrection. The light of Christ triumphed and will continue to triumph forever.

We recall again that the Roman State that is Our sacred duty to maintain was the foundation of modern society. It was built on ancient values of rationality, community, courage, and virtue. When the light of Christ illuminated the empire, those values were brought into their fullest, meaningful form. They went from being merely a means of good living to being the path to eternal life.

To ensure that we may each have the hope of eternal life, on this day so many years ago, our Lord established the Holy Eucharist, ordaining the Apostles priests. This day each year we truly celebrate the establishment of the Christian priesthood, for it is truly from the altar of God that all authentic service must flow. God’s holy justice must be maintained rather than abandoned in favour of mere worldly expediency, political maneuvering, or hatred. Yet, that happens all too often in the world.

We give Our fraternal greetings and Our blessing to each of Our brother priests around the world! We especially give Our fraternal greetings in Our blessing to the clergy of the newly-reestablished Gallican Rite of the Catholic Church.

Therefore, We charge each of you this coming Easter season to continue in your Christian service, sustaining and spreading the ideals of our Christian civilisation so that the light of Christ may be seen in each of you and reflected to others.

Rutherfordus Pp. I
Servant of the Servants of Christ

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Papa-Catholicos Receives Prestigious Teaching Award

Source: C-Comm; NC Publications Office

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 07 April 2022 (NRom)

H.H. Papa Rutherford I, Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Catholicos recently received the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Teaching Excellence Award for baccalaureate and graduate degree-granting business institutions, Region 4. Built on the significance of the classroom teacher to the mission of degree-granting institutions, the award is an annual award that recognizes individuals each year who exemplify teaching excellence in the classroom. One recipient is chosen from among associate degree institution applicants, and one from among all baccalaureate/graduate degree institution applicants within each of the eleven ACBSP regions around the world. The selection process evaluates nominees based on a series of criteria, teaching philosophy, and recommendation from university administration. In the summer, one recipient will be selected for the international award. ACBSP is the only specialized accrediting body for business schools that presents an award recognizing excellence in teaching that is open to the entire membership. The award recognized the Archfather's innovations in remote/virtual teaching experiences to benefit on-campus students; innovations in learning experience for online students; real-world, guided discovery experiential learning approaches; creative approaches to availability to students; success in ensuring accessibility to students with disabilities; contributions in diversity, both in and out of the classroom; effective incorporation of cultural and international components in the classroom; outside service to the community, nation, and world; and scholarly contributions to the field of pedagogy.

The Archfather teaches economics, finance, and international business at the University of Minnesota's Crookston campus, with a focus on empowering students to take control of their own future and succeed in an ever-challenging world. He is a graduate of the Harvard University Extension School, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Pontifical Statement on Humanitarian Crisis

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 27 March 2022 (NRom)

The Florentine-Roman Papa is deeply concerned by the worsening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. According to the United Nations, ongoing fighting in Ukraine has displaced a large number of people, cut off food, water, sanitation, and medical supplies to millions of people, prompting more than three million others to flee their homes and villages, abandoning their crops and livelihoods. Most of the displaced persons are women and children. If this reaches this UN estimates of up to seven million internally displaced persons and as many as seven million refugees, it would be the largest war-related mass migration since the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, potentially involving up to 20 million people. Meanwhile, the disruption of agriculture in the breadbasket of Europe is also disturbing, with the potential to impact millions of people around the world. 

In response to this ongoing global situation, Papa Rutherford I, Prince of the Romans and Supreme Pontiff of the Anglican Rite of the Catholic Church released the following Apostolic Letter.

Text of the Apostolic Letter "The Humanitarian Situation in Ukraine."

A deteriorating humanitarian situation in Ukraine has displaced millions of people, leaving them completely reliant on humanitarian assistance offered by other nations and the selfless service of various benevolent organisations. Clearly these circumstances involve complex geopolitical issues. It is made worse by responses fueled by emotions such as fear and hate. Faith in Christ has widely been abandoned and replaced with national pride and special interests. Yet, the issues of human rights and human dignity, regardless of national origin or political affiliation remain of paramount importance. We applaud all who have taken steps to ensure proper humanitarian assistance can be delivered.

Insecurity of the Ukrainian civilian population has been magnified by fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has made this crisis more complex than others preceding it. World leaders and individuals must both speak soberly and act intelligently, rather than aggravating the situation. Indeed, leaders and representatives of all the world's civil states are pastorally admonished against inflammatory rhetoric that can only serve to inflame passions, prolong conflict, and worsen the situation overall – especially for the civilian population.

Reasonable and legitimate cooperation is essential. We must focus on a brighter, more peaceful future. Indeed, nation-building takes years to achieve. Sadness, hatred, and vitriol around the world must also be conquered if there is to be enduring peace.

We again express our gratitude to all people, regardless of national origin, that are now demonstrating Christian ideals by helping their fellow human beings and by upholding human rights for all people.

The Book of Ecclesiastes tell us: "Tempus belli, et tempus pacis." There is a time for war and a time for peace. Indeed, there is a time for everything. Let us pray for a just end to the present conflict, that all may seek to do the will of God. Pious prayer is critical for a return to a more peaceful, tolerant world built upon Christian brotherhood.