Saturday, November 5, 2022

House of Hyrcania incorporated into the Pontifical Nobility

Source: Public Domain
By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 5 November 2022 (NRom)

Today the Papa-Catholicos of Rome-Ruthenia admitted the Royal House of Hyrcania, headed by H.R.H.  Grand Prince Hernán Alejandro Olano, to the nobility of the Pontifical Imperial State of Rome-Ruthenia. The modern Pontifical Roman State is an ecclesiastical entity that carries on the history and tradition of the original Pontifical States, the Roman Empire, and the various Holy Roman Empire states that form part of the patrimony of the Imperial Roman Church. The head of the House, Grand Prince Hernán Alejandro, is a Knight Commander of the Order of the Pontifical States and is also a Knight of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia, under the House of Bagration, among other honours.