Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Senior Walsingham Guard Official Awarded Order of Military Medical Merit

SAN ANTONIO 28 May 2019 (ORCNS) - Senior Walsingham Guard official HMERH Count Don Keith Steinhurst, MD, Duke of Westphalia, Governor-General of the Imperial Patriarchate was awarded the Order of Military Medical Merit for his long-time medical service through the US Army and US Department of Homeland Security. Don Keith serves also as Vice Captain-General of the Walsingham Guard and Fleet Captain of the Walsingham Naval Guard and holds the Flight Surgeon brevet. 

Don Keith, Count of Marmande
in uniform of the Walsingham Naval Guard

The Order of Military Medical Merit is a private award in the USA founded by the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Health Services Command in 1982. Its goal is recognising excellence and promoting fellowship and esprit de corps among Army Medical Department (AMEDD) personnel. Medical personnel from all branches of the United States military are eligible for the award. Recipients are recognised for their distinguished service by the senior leadership of the AMEDD. The award consists of a white brass or sterling silver medallion on a maroon ribbon. Don Keith is a chaplain, medical doctor, and Iraq War veteran.