Saturday, January 28, 2023

Change in Grand Master of the Noble Company

Pontifical and Imperial Collar
of the Papa-Prince, combining
the collars of the Supreme
Florentine-Roman Order
of Christ and the
Pontifical Order of the Eagle,
and the Patriarchal collars
of the Noble Company.
By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 28 January 2023 (NRom)

The Pontifical Court has announced that the office of Grand Master of the Noble Company of St. Mary of Walsingham is permanently vested in the Papa-Prince of Rome-Ruthenia. Thus, as of Fall 2022, His Holiness Rutherford I became Grand Master. This brings the Noble Company's practice in line with that of the other orders of the Pontifical Imperial State and Apostolic See of Sts. Stephen and Mark. The Noble Company has been led by several other Grand Masters over the years, each appointed by Apostolic Mandate of the Papa-Prince and Catholicos. 

The Noble Company is an ecumenical Christian nobiliary association. Both by its charter and mandate, under the perpetual spiritual leadership of the Imperial Roman Church. However, Christians, regardless of denominational affiliation, are welcome in its ranks. Membership by heredity is based on descent from a noble family of any country or by descent from a member of the Noble Company. Membership by personal merit is based on a record of professional achievement, community work, and humanitarian service.

The Noble Company's website has also been recently updated, which may be seen here: