Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Concordat Strengthens Religious, Historical Work

By Jean DuBois 

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 27 April 2022 (NRom)

The Pontifical Household of the Imperial Roman Church (Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Catholicate and Anglican Patriarchate of Rome) and the Pontifical Roman State recently signed a concordat with the Royal Merovingian Dynasty. Once the rulers of France before Charlemagne, the Merovingian household is one of the most ancient royal and noble families in the world today. The Merovingian dynasty is also the temporal head of the Gallican Rite of the Catholic Church, which, in addition to having its own Primate, is under the spiritual leadership of the Gallo-Russo-Byzantine Catholicate. This concordat, signed by Rutherford I and Don Rubén de Gévaudan, builds on an established and long-lasting partnership for religious service, humanitarian work, and the preservation of the traditions and history of our common ethnic heritage.