Monday, October 24, 2022

Pontifical Walsingham Guard Toasts Tenth Anniversary!

By S. di Giardino

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 24 October 2022 (NRom)

This year the Pontifical Walsingham Guard toasts its 10th anniversary of modern service. Though it traces its roots to various militaries in the 10th century and earlier, the modern organization was founded in 2012. As an ecclesiastical, humanitarian, and ceremonial organization, it no longer serves a de facto military purpose. Instead, it seeks to inspire lives of strength, compassion, and peace in its membership. Members of the Guard are almost exclusively drawn from military veterans.

Also, during this anniversary year, the Guard underwent a major reorganization. The complex structure was simplified, and the large number of units were combined. The current units more directly reflect the heritage of the Pontifical and Imperial Household. The current units are the Pontifical Ruthenian Palatine Guard, Noble Guard, Naval Guard, and Air Guard, as well as the Pontifical Airborne Guard of Honour. Together these provide homes of Christian-based humanitarian and benevolent service for veterans with the outward style consistent with each member's service background. Additionally, the Guard maintains an Office of Chaplains, as well as certain other offices as needed – such as medicine. Among the reorganized structure is a highly simplified rank structure in line with both the history and nature of the Guard today.

The membership of the Pontifical Walsingham Guard currently exists on four continents. Although it is part of the Pontifical and Imperial Household of the Imperial Roman Church, its ranks are open to Christians of all denominations. In fact, the Household continuously has preached against denominational snobbery and encouraged broad cooperation among the worldwide Christian population.

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