Saturday, May 12, 2018

Rolling Parish - ARRCC Priest, Walsingham Guard Chaplain Serves Firefighters

LEXINGTON, S.C., USA 12 May 2018 (ORCNS) - Fire trucks are a well-known sight that indicates help is on the way. For Msgr. Abbot Anthony Giunta, TOR Mar, PhD, JCD, fire trucks are also a parish on wheels. As a fire chaplain, he not only helps the public he encounters, but serves those who serve. Firefighters and other first responders often are unable to attend church regularly and receive pastoral counseling, so Abbot Anthony brings the church to them. 

Msgr. Giunta leads worship on Sundays and also conducts scriptural studies on Wednesdays. Holy Week rites were also provided -- a much-needed opportunity for those who give up so much of their time in service to others. 

This sort of missionary service is nothing new to the Abbot. He is a long-time hospital chaplain who is frequently requested by name by patients. He also is a police chaplain and has served as a chaplain in the Civil Air Patrol. 

Abbot Anthony Giunta in uniform as a fire chaplain.

Abbot Anthony is the Superior General of the Franciscan Third Order Regular of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a religious order within the Old Roman Catholic Patriarchate of St. Stephen (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church). He also holds the rank of Colonel in the Walsingham Guard, the humanitarian organisation of the Patriarchate with a military heritage dating back to the Crusades, and is the Commandant of the Regiment of Chaplains.