Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shared Growth Beyond Crisis is the Theme for G20 Seoul

by Staff

9 November 2010

A view from inside the venue of the summit meetings
 Members of the G20 began arriving today in Seoul, South Korea. The whole city of Seoul is buzzing with activity, especially around the event venues. "Summit fever" has gripped the entire nation as Koreans prepare to show the world how far it has come since the devastation of the Korean War over sixty years ago. Yet, the spectre of that war, which officially has never ended, remains. North and South Korea remain separated, often with tense relations that make re-unification seem like a distant dream. The dream of a cooperation on the Korean peninsula provides a microcosmic representation of the dream of global cooperation. The theme of "shared growth beyond crisis" gives hope to a new era of global cooperation and underscores all the meetings set for the summit agenda.

The event venue is buzzing with activity
as staff, media, and security prepare for
the arrival of the G20 members

World leaders intend to commence a new era of global economic cooperation. Top on the agenda is strengthening the framework for strong, sustainable, and balanced economic growth. There is a strong sense of commitment to pull the world out of the global financial crisis and also to address more broad and persistent issues made worse by the crisis, such as poverty and hunger. Many Christian leaders hope that the new tone of operations in the global economy will be one of ethics, morality, and respect for human life.