Wednesday, July 24, 2013

William and Kate's baby born into a great big royal world

LONDON 24 July 2013 (ORCNS) - The world has been abuzz with news and talk about the newly-born George, Prince of Cambridge, son of Prince William and Princess Catherine of Cambridge. The newest addition to the British royal family joins a rich tradition that extends well beyond their own national borders. Despite the fact that many are not currently reigning, the world is brimming with royal dynasties. In fact, the British Windsors are in fact of a German line. They originally were the House of Hanover until Queen Victoria married Prince Albert von Saxe-Coburg-und Gotha. That name continued until the King was requested to change the family name to some a little less German sounding in light of the First World War. Let's celebrate the new royal birth by taking a look at just a few of the other royal and serene families of the world, reigning and non-reigning.

Kingdom of Albania - House of Wied
Principality of Andorra - (vested in the Bishop of Urgell)
Duchy of Anhalt - House of Ascania
Empire of Austria-Hungary - House of Habsburg-Lorraine
Grand Duchy of Baden - House of Zaehringen
Kingdom of Bavaria - House of Wittelsbach
Kingdom of Belgium - House of Wettin
Kingdom of Bohemia - House of Habsburg-Lorraine
Kingdom of Brazil - House of Orleans-Braganza
Duchy of Brunswick - House of Welf-Guelph
Kingdom of Bulgaria - House of Wettin
Kingdom of Croatia - House of Savoy
Duchy of Courland - House of Biron
Kingdom of Denmark - House of Oldenburg
Kingdom of Epirus - House of Santa Sofia
Kingdom of Etruria (Napoleonic) - House of Bourbon-Parma
Kingdom of Etruria (Holy Roman) - House of Johnson-Etruria-di Daniell
Kingdom of France (Legitimist) - House of Bourbon
Kingdom of France (Orleanist) - House of Orleans
Kingdom of France (Merovingian) - House of Gavalda-Gevaudan
Empire of France - House of Bonaparte
Kingdom of Finland - House of Hesse
Kingdom of Georgia - House of Bagrationi and Imeretinsky
Empire of Germany - House of Hohenzollern
Kingdom of Great Britain - House of Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-und Gotha)
Kingdom of Greece - House of Oldenburg
Kingdom of Hanover - House of Hanover
Grand Duchy of Hesse-by-the-Rhine - House of Lorraine-Brabant
Holy See - (elected, vested in the Pope)
Kingdom of Italy - House of Savoy
Principality of Liechtenstein - House of Liechtenstein
Principality of Lippe - House of Lippe
Kingdom of Lithuania - House of Urach
Grand Duchy of Luxenbourg - House of Nassau-Weilburg
Sovereign Military Order of Malta - (elected Prince Grand Master)
Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin - House of Mecklenburg
Duchy of Modena - House of Habsburg-Este
Empire of Mexico - House of Iturbide
Principality of Monaco - House of Grimaldi
Kingdom of Montenegro - House of Petrovich-Njegosh
Kingdom of Naples - House of Bourbon
Kingdom of the Netherlands - House of Orange-Nassau
Kingdom of Norway - House of Oldenburg
Grand Duchy of Oldenburg - House of Oldenburg
Duchy of Parma - House of Bourbon-Parma
Kingdom of Prussia - House of Hohenzollern
Principality of Reuss - House of Reuss
Kingdom of Romania - House of Hohenzollern
Empire of Russia - House of Romanov
Kingdom of Sardinia - House of Savoy
Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-und Gotha - House of Wettin
Kingdom of Saxony - House of Wetting
Principality of Schaumburg-Lippe - House of Lippe
Kingdom of Serbia - House of Karageorgevich
Kingdom of Spain (Bourbon) - House of Bourbon
Kingdom of Spain (Carlist) - House of Bourbon-Parma
Kingdom of Sweden - House of Bernadotte
Grand Duchy of Tuscany - House of Habsburg-Tuscany
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies - House of Bourbon
Principality of Waldeck - House of Waldeck
Kingdom of Westphalia - House of Steinhurst v.u.z. Westfalen
Kingdom of Wurtemburg - House of Wurtemburg