Friday, July 3, 2015

The Pallium - Relics of St. Peter and St. Stephen

The pallium is an ancient liturgical symbol of the papacy and of those who share in its Apostolic authority. In the Patriarchate of Saint Stephen, the pallium is of a special design. It is a flat yoke of white wool, with twelve black crosses. The tips of the lapits (parts the hang down the front and back) are black. It is worn by the Patriarch, the Governor-General, and those with Metropolitan authority within the Patriarchate. Each pallium contains third class relics of Saint Peter the Apostle and Saint Stephen the Deacon and Protomartyr. On the front and shoulder are pins representing the nails of the Crucifixion. The Patriarchate uses silver pins with amethysts. The pallium itself should invoke the image of Christ carrying the lamb over His left shoulder. The pins are angled to follow the way that the lamb would be physically oriented.