Monday, November 28, 2016

Franciscan Abbot Deployed to Charleston, Helps Hurricane Victims

CHARLESTON 28 Nov 2016 (ORCNS) - Hurricane Matthew, a Category 1 storm, stuck Charleston in early October. It left destruction in its wake, with several dead. Mgr. Abbot Anthony Giunta, TOR Mar., deployed from Lexington, South Carolina, to Charleston to help as a chaplain. Abbot Anthony is Minister General of the Franciscan Third Order Regular of Penance of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Commandant of the Chaplain Regiment of the Walsingham Guard. 

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Relief Efforts in Charleston

While in Charleston on an extended deployment, the Abbot served with police chaplains and others. He ministered to the homeless and persons displaced by the hurricane. He was a beacon of hope to countless people looking to him as a shepherd and minister of the Holy Gospel. When asked about his experiences, Abbot Anthony said that it was not an easy mission. It took significant effort to keep going and "...bring forth the energy to carry the message and keep fighting for all in need," the Abbot said.

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Abbot Anthony has a long history working with First Responders.
In the Charleston relief efforts, he worked with police and
fire departments to help those in need. 

Abbot Anthony has many years of experience as a chaplain in hospitals and with police and fire departments. As a priest and Abbot, he serves in the Religious and Military Patriarchate of St. Stephen (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church), a non-parochial, mission-based Old Roman Catholic personal patriarchate. The Cardinal Patriarch of St. Stephen said, "Abbot Anthony is an inspiration to us all. We are a mission-based See, and the good Abbot's work exemplifies our sacred mandate."