Friday, June 28, 2019

Formal Appointment Ceremony for Prefect-General and Chief of the General Staff

PATRIARCHAL SEE 28 June 2019 (ORCNS) - HMSH Count Don Daniel Coberly, Prince v. Reichenberg was formally presented the documents of appointment as Prefect-General of the Imperial Patriarchate and Chief of the General Staff of the Walsingham Guard in a small ceremony by HIRH Don Rutherford Cardinal Johnson, Archprince-Bishop of Saint Stephen, Anglo-Italian Imperial Patriarch. The appointment was made and took effect earlier this month, with a formal ceremony taking place today. 
Presentation of the appointment document.
The Prefect-General is the appointed administrative head of the Imperial Patriarchate, generally equivalent to a prime minister of a secular civil state or a corporate present. The Chief of the General Staff is the appointed head of the combined segments of the Walsingham Guard. Don Daniel has over 30 years of military experience and several decades of administrative and executive experience.
The Imperial Patriarch in a meeting with the Prefect-General
and Chief of the General Staff regarding the work of the

Imperial Patriarchate in the United Nations.