Thursday, October 17, 2019

Te Deum - Celebration of the Merovingium Dynasty

BUENOS AIRES 17 October 2019 (ORCNS) - A solemn ecumenical rite was a celebrated and the Te Deum was offered on the evening of Sunday, 13 October 2019. These special rites were part of the celebrations of the 50th birthday of HMERH Don Rubén Gavaldá y Castro, Count of Gévaudan, Prince of Septimania, head of the Royal Merovingian House of David-Toulouse-Gévaudan. 

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The solemn ecumenical rite
The Te Deum was celebrated by H.G. Bishop Rodrigues,
titular Bishop of the See of St. Stephen

The solemn ecumenical rite was jointly celebrated by H.E. Manuel Adolfo Acuña, Charismatic Lutheran Bishop and Msgr. Alberto Palavecino of the Archbishopric of Exaltation of the Cross. The Te Deum was said in the traditional Catholic form of the Imperial Patriarchate. It was led by His Grace the Most Reverend Alejandro Paulo Rodrigues, titular Bishop of the See of St. Stephen, Anglo-Italian Imperial Patriarchate (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church). There were more than a hundred people present, and a large number of additional people were able to follow the event by live streaming. H.G. Bishop Rodrigues also served as personal representative of H.H.E. Don Rutherford, Count of Sainte Animie, Florentine Archfather, who was unable to attend. 

Over 100 people attended the birthday celebrations,
with many more viewing remotely by live-streaming