Sunday, April 26, 2020

Thank You to the Walsingham Guard!

Jean DuBois

Don Rutherford imparting an
apostolic blessing to the
Walsingham Guard. 
PATRIARCHAL SEE 26 April 2020 (ORCNS) - Today the Archfather Rutherford sent a video message of thanks to the men and women of the Walsingham Guard and Naval Guard for all of their service to others during the current global pandemic. During the message, His  Holy Eminence commended the members of the Guard for their service around the world "…to help those in need, to alleviate suffering, to protect the poor and vulnerable, and to preserve peace and security." His Holy Eminence also pointed out that members of the Guard regularly so above and beyond the call of duty, following the seven core values of the Guard, Faith, Honour, Service, Loyalty, Strength, Compassion, and Peace. The message ended with an apostolic blessing. The video of the complete message is below.