Sunday, June 7, 2020

People of the Patriarchate Serve in Pandemic

By Jean Du Bois
Mgr. Douglas, Chancellor of the Court of St. Mary of
Walsingham, gives a drive-though blessing during
the global pandemic.

PATRIARCHAL SEE 7 June 2020 (ORCNS) - The people of the Imperial Patriarchate (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church) continue to provide health and humanitarian service during the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The Imperial Patriarchate and its diverse organisations have served in various ways since the epidemic began. At the center of those efforts is the Imperial Patriarchate's uniformed humanitarian service, the Walsingham Guard. Also, as changes were imposed around the world by civil authorities, even at times in violation of the rights of the Church, the Imperial Patriarchate's mission-based system proved resilient and effective, being quickly adopted also by countless other churches around the world.

Walsingham Guard members participate in preparation
exercises before the pandemic, such as the emergency
action local drill shown here. 
The health and humanitarian service of members of the Imperial Patriarchate and its various organisations have included direct medical care and leadership, care of the elderly and vulnerable populations, food distribution, Covid-19 test processing, and more. The Curia has also been involved for months in international high-level policy work pertaining not only to the health situation, but especially to the resulting significant humanitarian crisis.
Lt. Col. the Rev. G. Mackey, an
officer of the Walsingham Guard,
is among those serving during

the pandemic. 

Even during this challenging time, the Imperial Patriarchate continues to follow its mandate of mission, service, and charity. It remains a living continuation of its patrimony that spans from Europe and the British Isles to the New World. As successors to Leo X and Custodians of the Apostolic See of St. Mark at Aquileia, the Imperial Patriarchate's work during this global crisis stands as a continuation of the countless acts of service during its 2000 year history. The Archfather stated, "Our people over the past two thousand years have endured many things and always risen to the challenge, never shirking in their duty, never giving in to difficulty or threat. Those who serve today during this global humanitarian crisis through the Imperial Patriarchate and our wonderful organisations have lived up to their legacy. We cannot help but be extremely proud of them. They stand as a shining example to everyone."

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