Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Efforts of Bishops Help Ease Anti-Church Crackdowns by States

By Jean DuBois


As global civic leaders engage in a new round of questionable COVID-related restrictions, many have eased restrictions on churches and even granted some religious exemptions. This is in marked contrast to the extraordinarily stifling restrictions placed on religious groups around the world earlier in the pandemic. 

Many churches continue to stand empty due to
overstepping of authority by world leaders
during the COVID pandemic
Source: PubDom.

Although civic leaders wildly overstep their authority with any such restrictions over the Church, the newfound awareness on the part of civic leaders of the importance of religion during the pandemic and of church sovereignty is believed by many to be the direct result of staunch activism on the part of a number of religious leaders around the world. For example, Australia has indicated religious exemptions and eased restrictions on churches, as have many states in America, such as Nevada, Iowa, and Washington. Catholic Bishops of Minnesota, USA, among others, strongly opposed new crackdowns on religious activity. The Florentine Archfather issued a general opposition to world leaders' restrictions on the freedom of the church, and also specifically addressed several, including the Washington State governor, where restrictions have subsequently been eased. 

Meanwhile, the Catholic Bishops of the United Kingdom, led by Cardinal Nichols, have issued demands to the Government to produce evidence of justification as the Prime Minister issued an edict to close church public worship yet again. in the USA, the Bishop of Brooklyn has called New York's restriction on churches "outrageous." Restrictions on churches in New York have been successfully challenged in court.

Although much progress has been made in restoring the sovereign rights and freedom of the church during this pandemic, which can be attributed to the staunch, vocal, and ongoing efforts of bish bishops around the, there is still continued crackdowns against the church on the part of many civil states. The bishops will no doubt continue their efforts through pastoral persuasion, legal avenues, and legislative approaches.