Friday, January 29, 2021

Archfather Responds Regarding the Right to Life

By Jean DuBois


Earlier today His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather gave an allocution in response to a recent executive order of the American president. The executive order promoted and sought to provide funding for expansion of abortions around the world. Other Catholic leaders joined in the opposition with similar statements. The complete text of the allocution is as follows:


Archpatral Allocution on the Right to Life
regarding Recent Executive Orders
of Joseph Biden acting as
President of the United States

THE current wealth and power of the American Republic, held for what is thus far a relatively brief period in the history of world civilisation, conveys upon it tremendous responsibility in the use of both. It also makes the affairs and decisions of the United States in so many cases the business of the world, for the actions of the American government quite often have impact, even lasting impact on other nations. It is with this in mind that We, whose own nation’s history extends over twelve hundred years and involves the spreading of the saving grace and freedom of the Christian faith to all corners of the world, must and will respond to the grave and troubling orders issued recently by the American president regarding the right to life and funding for abortions, even outside of the United States political borders.

The President referred to abortion access as “…protecting women's health at home and abroad.” No one who professes the Catholic faith may in any way consider this to be legitimate, for the scourge of abortion is in no way a simple matter of healthcare. The president by that order apparently seeks to provide massive amounts of United States federal funding to organisations that provide abortions around the world. US citizens and others resident in the United States who love Christ, therefore, called by Us to petition government representatives in order to seek this order being stopped, block, or rescinded. Such is the duty of all who love Christ, for, while the First and Great Commandment is that we love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our mind, and all our spirit, the Second Great Commandment is that we love our neighbour as ourselves. It is that very love and those two commandments, from which all other commandments derive, that we see in the form of Christ pendant upon the Cross. How, then, can the Christian faithful turn a blind eye not only to the United States governmental endorsement of the wholesale murder of over one million children every year, so many of them from among the impoverished and ethnic minorities, but also to the current United States government effort to expand the work of both domestic and global murder factories?

We cannot call ourselves Christians if we profess to believe, but leave those beliefs with in the four walls of the church as we leave Sunday to go out in the world. Rather, we are all called to take that faith, flowing from the altar of God, the very Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross in which we participate during the mass, out into the world. God calls upon us to live our faith in our daily lives, in the workplace, and in our political participation. Filled with the fire of Christ, do not let your voice be silenced by anyone when you are speaking the truth of Christ.

As we fast approach the Lenten season, let us all around the world to dedicate ourselves spiritual acts against the persecutors of the church, that all may be called to repentance and reconciliation with Christ and His Holy Church.