Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St. Patrick -- Patron of the Most Honourable Legion of Christ

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 17 Marzo 2021 (NRom)

St. Patrick's Day is often associated with cultural festivals, bagpipes, Guinness beer, parades, and lots of green. The Saint who is honored by the day, Saint Patrick, Confessor and Bishop, is also the patron of the Most Honourable Legion of the Eagle of Christ. Even though the main feast day of the Legion is the feast of Corpus Christi, the feast of Saint Patrick is its second feast day.

Even though scholars debate the exact location, Patrick (who actually took that name after becoming a priest) was born in Roman Britain. After being taken as a slave by Irish pirates, he followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and became a Catholic cleric, eventually being sent back to Ireland as a bishop. He was made patron saint of the Legion due to his origins in Roman Britain. The last known location of the Ninth Spanish Legion (the Legion of the Eagle is its Christian successor today) was leaving their northern headquarters in Eboracum (York), England heading north into Scotland. The Legion safeguards a relic of the bones of Saint Patrick.

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