Friday, June 4, 2021

The Hypocrisy of Nations: New Encyclical Released


His Holiness & Eminence the Archfather released a new encylical today on hypocrisy by governments in the western world. The encyclical was prompted by the action of the EU and USA against the sovereignty of Belarus. The complete text is provided below.


The Hypocrisy of Nations


THE hypocrisy of nations, specifically of the European Union, United States of America, and the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth, is flagrantly manifest during recent events in the world today. It is an example of a complete abdication of Christian statesmanship and fraternal love. When nations not only criticise other nations for what they themselves do, but openly seek to interfere in the sovereignty of sovereign nations, and to do harm economically, politically, and even physically to the other nations, all in the name of so-called freedom and justice, it is hypocrisy of the worst kind. It is hypocrisy that can do tremendous, long-lasting harm to countless people.

When nations interfere in the political processes economic activities of other nations, they have no right to condemn that activity in others.

When states engage in torture and tolerate prison violence, they have no right to criticise such acts in others.

When nations intercept aircraft and vessels, even forcing innocent people to the pavement under threat of death, even for the most minor of reasons, they have no right to criticise that behaviour in other nations.

When nations have engaged in trickery, they have no right to criticise that in other states.

When sovereign states do not respect the sovereignty of others, they lose any right they may have to claim that they are acting for the benefit of others in the international politics – and they lose any claim to the moral high ground.

This is a common game, and it is one that is dishonorable, unethical, and un-Christian. The good and Christian faithful must see it for what it is, not fall prey to propaganda of states, including of their own country, and must therefore always preach the truth of Christ. The good and Christian faithful must advocate to the governments of the civil states in which they live that those states behave internationally towards other nations in an appropriate and Christian manner. Above all, the bishops and the clergy must vocally advocate and insist, for the laws of Christ are above all laws of man.

The European Union, United States of America, and the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth must look at themselves in the mirror before they criticise other nations. They must solve their own problems themselves before condemning others. Far easier is it to ignore one’s own flaws, instead drawing attention away by pointing out those same flaws in others. How people love to rant against others whose flaws and negative actions are merely reflections of themselves, for it is easier than admitting error and correcting it. Yet the error must be identified and faced directly in the love of Christ. Otherwise hope of peace on earth and eternal salvation dissipate and disintegrate.