Sunday, October 3, 2021

Apostolic Letter: What would Jesus do in a story of two classes of society

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 3 October 2021 (NRom)

Apostolic Letter
of His Holiness and Eminence
Papa Rutherford I

Laudetur Jesus Christus!

What would Jesus do in a story of two classes of society, one privileged and the other a complete underclass? The world has seen many such divisions in its history such that we know it is a common and persistent condition. Today in the world, We have observed a new dividing line established around the world that is becoming increasingly widespread. This dividing line is marking the difference between those who can work and those who cannot (or at least severely limiting their options); between those who can go to any school into which they can gain admission and those who cannot; between those who can travel freely and those who cannot; and between those who can go to events, restaurants, and other public spaces and those to whom such things are closed indefinitely. This dividing line is even defining the difference between those who can go to many churches in those who cannot. Even my brother the Bishop of Rome has slammed shut the doors to that sacred and beloved church that we share by right, the Basilica of St. Peter, and indeed the entirety of the Vatican City- State, to one specific group of people mocked by this dividing line. The Basilica and the Vatican have historically been sites welcoming countless pilgrims and those in need of refuge, but no more. It is a shame and a blight against the Church.

This dividing line We reference marks the difference between those who have had the COVID-19 vaccine and those who have not, whatever the reason. This has gone beyond, as We have stated before, legitimate concerns of public health (for We Ourselves indeed promote good health in its totality) and instead crossed into the realm of totalitarianism against which our civilisation and Our Church have always bravely fought. Even many segments of the Church, however, are turning their backs on those in need and refusing to serve all humanity regardless of divisions. And so We ask again, what would Jesus do?

Scripture is clear. Jesus walked with lepers and associated with the poor, the downtrodden, and those deemed undesirable by much of society. Our Lord healed the sick, made the blind see, and raised the dead. He told those who were unloved that He Himself loved them. He raised up those who were low and welcomed them into his circle, both on earth and in heaven.

Coming out of the front of the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome is the Bernini colonnade, curved to symbolise the outstretched arms of the Holy Church embracing the world – indeed Jesus Himself embracing the world through His spotless bride, the Church. Today so many have forgotten that symbol and the eternal truth behind it, as well as the example that it sets for each of us. The colonnade ultimately represents Christ embracing the entire world, regardless of race, nationality, wealth, or any other method of subdividing humanity, including vaccination status.

We as Christians cannot tolerate the idea that we would separate our fellow man into two categories according to whether or not they had a specific vaccine. We cannot turn a deaf ear to the concerns of those who have not received that vaccine. We cannot ignore and trample underfoot concerns of others simply because we may disagree with them. Not only does it set a dangerous precedent that has been used countless times, including by the Nazis in their eugenic policies, which they themselves borrowed from the United States of America’s eugenics efforts, but it is an act against love of our fellow man. It is an act against that fellowship that we are called upon to exhibit by our Lord Himself.

Therefore, let us all promote good health, as we should always do, but let us promote above all a love of our fellow man here on earth. Let us pray for those with whom we disagree rather than vilifying, chastising, and harming them in any way. Let us raise up our brothers and sisters as Christ has done.