Sunday, November 7, 2021

Chinese Whistleblower Dying in Prison - Archfather Urges Freedom

By Jean DuBois


The imprisonment of Zhang Zhan, a Chinese attorney and citizen-journalist, raised significant humanitarian concerns around the world. She released over 100 YouTube videos of the circumstances in Wuhan, China that led to the global pandemic. The Chinese government attempted to silence her, eventually giving her a four year sentence on a flimsy pretext. She is currently in poor health and at risk of death in prison. His Holiness and Eminence Papa Rutherford I issued a statement today on the situation. The Anglo-Roman Holy Father urged the Chinese government to release her immediately. The full text of the statement is below.


     We are compelled by brotherly love for humanity to speak about what can only be called a human rights violation perpetrated by the government of China. Our curial officials made Us aware that a Chinese citizen and attorney Zhang Zhan was prosecuted and jailed for filming and publicising the occurrences in Wuhan that ultimately led to the current global pandemic. The Chinese government exploited its legal system to arrest her and imprison her, imposing a four-year sentence. She engaged in a hunger strike as an act of protest, at times being force fed by prison officials. This has taken a toll, understandably, on her health. Particularly given the unjust nature of her imprisonment, this is the direct responsibility of the Chinese government. If she dies in prison or as a result of the ordeal later, the Chinese government will be culpable. Indeed, it has been reported that she is now in very poor health and in danger of dying. Therefore, We call upon the Chinese government to order her immediate release from prison to aid in her recovery to full health. We further encourage that her conviction be overturned and expunged from her record forthwith.