Sunday, June 30, 2024

Celebrating Saints Peter and Paul in the United the Roman-Ruthenian Church

H.H. the Bishop during a solemn
liturgy for St. Paul the Apostle.
By M. Derosiers

ROME-RUTHENIA 30 June 2024 (NRom)

The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul is a time-honored tradition in the Christian world, commemorating the lives and legacies of two of the most influential apostles of Jesus Christ. For the faithful of the United Roman-Ruthenian Church, these feast days hold a special significance, as they represent not only the veneration of these revered saints, but also the spiritual unity and sovereignty of the Pontifical Imperial State of Rome-Ruthenia - today a nation without borders serving people of many civil states in the example of Christ. Saints Peter and Paul are the patron saints of His Holiness the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia as the sovereign of the Pontifical Imperial State. On June 29th and 30th, the United Roman-Ruthenian Church celebrated this special event around the globe.

The United Roman-Ruthenian Church is a unique and remarkable entity, blending rich and diverse heritage in a vibrant, dynamic, and ancient expression of Christianity. Through its liturgy, its governance, and its unwavering proclamation of the Gospel of Christ, the Roman-Ruthenian Church stands as a beacon of unity and stability in an often-turbulent world. Its teachings have provided solace, guidance, and inspiration to believers around the world, who have found in its sacraments and traditions a deep well of spiritual nourishment and community.

The Pontifical Imperial State of Rome-Ruthenia and United Roman-Ruthenian Church represent a unique and powerful voice in the world. As a sovereign entity, it carries the weight of centuries of tradition and the moral authority of the Christian Church. Its influence extends far beyond the borders of its own territories, as it serves as a beacon of hope, a champion of justice, and a tireless advocate for the rights and dignity of all people, in part through its special status with the United Nations.

It is this combination of spiritual depth and world significance that makes the celebrations of the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul in the United Roman-Ruthenian Church so profoundly meaningful. These are both religious observances and a testament to the enduring power of faith, the beauty of cultural exchange, and the transformative power of unity in Christ.