Monday, October 13, 2014

Patriarch of St. Stephen expresses grave concern over Vatican Synod - Urges Prayer and Determination

PATRIARCHAL SEE 13 October 2014 (ORCNS) - Msgr. Rutherford,  Cardinal Patriarch of St. Stephen (Traditional Old Roman Catholic), expressed grave concern today over the reports from the Vatican Synod on the Family. Chief among his concerns were the significant doctrinal modifications apparently underway. "After decades of suffering the abuses following the Second Vatican Council, what is going on at this Synod should come as no surprise," the Cardinal stated. He continued, "Making significant or even minor doctrinal changes, changes to the essence of the true and eternal faith, under the guise of pastoral care is neither pastorally nor doctrinally sound. It is our duty to present the eternal faith, in its purity and simplicity. We cannot water it down or modify the recipe simply to appease the world." Even though the present Roman Communion is not administratively bound with the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church (traditional Old Roman Catholic Patriarchate of St. Stephen), the Patriarch also remarked that the actions of the Vicar of Christ and those Bishops participating in this historic event are important to all Catholics.

Many have stated their intent to leave the Roman Catholic Church over the decisions being reached at this synod. There is much anger and confusion, and many faithful Catholics are simply fed up with bishops not faithfully discharging their Apostolic duties. On this matter the Msgr. Rutherford remarked, "We urge everyone to remain faithful to eternal Rome and the eternal Magisterium of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church. As the walls of the Church crumble around us, let us remind everyone once again of the words of St. Athanasius, that those who keep the traditions of the Catholic Church, even if reduced to a handful, are the true Catholic Church. It is not easy, yet we go forward in full faith and knowledge that we are part of the true Catholic Church. In the patriarchate that has been given to us to shepherd, we define ourselves not by what we are against, but by what we are for. When we take new life in Christ as Catholics, we are re-born as fighters. This is a serious fight. We urge prayers and determination from all the faithful, both in and out of our jurisdiction. Pray for the Holy Father Francis, pray for those, such as Cardinal Burke, who are striving from within the Synod to maintain the faith, and pray for those Bishops who have given themselves over to modernism that they will convert."