Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ash Wednesday Patriarchal Allocution

PATRIARCHAL SEE 26 February 2020 (ORCNS) - HHE Archfather Don Rutherford gave the following Patriarchal Allocution on Ash Wednesday for the beginning of Lent. 

FROM the Florentine Household to the Christian faithful around the world and to the members of the Court of St. Mary of Walsingham, grace, peace, and Our Apostolic Blessing on this Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent in the year of our Lord 2020. First, let us turn our thoughts to those who are suffering from or af-fected in any way by the coronavirus, including those who have suf-fered significant travel disruptions. Similarly, let us turn our thoughts to those who suffer from any type of affliction or problem of health around the world.

As we begin our Lenten journey, we are reminded that this is a time of penance and preparation. We travel forward in the footsteps of our Lord towards the glory of the Resurrection that we experience on Easter Sunday. During this time of penance and preparation, it is all too tempting to focus on so-called acts of penance that are really quite empty because they are merely done for show. Such acts are of no avail, for they betray spiritual emptiness inside. Rather, we should focus on meaningful self-denial, such as acts of self-denial. These can take many forms, including small acts of charity, such as giving of one's time to help others.

During this Lenten season we should also reflect on the political discord that is plaguing so many areas of the world today. Far too often, people use their political differences as reasons to divide. Peo-ple place their political opinions often above more important matters, and the government leaders far too often are focused on political agendas rather than coming together, finding common ground and working towards the common good. On an international basis, we should seek a focus towards a community of nations – that is, each nation being a good citizen in the world. That is preferable to ex-treme nationalism, for nationalism places the interests only of one nation above that of the people of all nations.

Ahora, en memoria de nuestra sucesión de las casa españolas de Ivrea y Barcelona en Italia Imperial, quiero decir un saludo cordial y dar mi bendición Apostolica a los cristianos en las tierras hispanohab-lantes.

Anche, ricordando il nostro dovere come Custode della Sede Ap-ostolica di San Marco ad Aquileia, ed in onore di Nuova Roma, la nostra città di Firenze, imparto la mia benedizione Apostolica agli italiani in tutto il mondo.

And now, may Almighty God bless each of you as you go for-ward in faith in your Lenten journey.