Sunday, February 23, 2020

Archbishop Dutton Named Titular Archbishop of the Patriarchal See

PATRIARCHAL SEE 23 February 2020 (ORCNS) - HSH the Most Reverend Norman Dutton, retired Metropolitan Archbishop of the Anglican Independent Communion Worldwide was recently appointed as a titular Archbishop of the Patriarchal See by HIRH the Archfather. The titular archbishops are part of the Anticamera Nobile of the Patriarchal Household. Members are not always regular clergy of the Imperial Patriarchate, but are often also clergy of other jurisdictions in the Roman and Anglican traditions. Archbishop Dutton, a native of the United Kingdom, has a long record of service on an international basis and is a highly-respected cleric and humanitarian.

The Anticamera Nobile is the higher division within the traditional organisation of the Patriarchal Household. It is divided into two segments. The upper portion is known as the Chapter and is comprised of the Electoral Bishops, titular bishops and archbishops, honourary Deans, and Canons. The lower portion is known as the Camera, or Chamber, and includes the Patriarchal Chamberlains, as well as several traditional offices held by clerics or laity.