Friday, May 8, 2020

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Imperial Patriarchate

Jean DuBois

PATRIARCHAL SEE 8 May 2020 (ORCNS) - The administrators of the website of the Anglican Patriarchate, Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. Those have been placed at the top of the FAQ page. We also thought we would share them here.

Q: What is the official status of the Anglican Patriarchate?

The Anglican Patriarchate (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church) is an ecclesiastical sovereignty with an independent government in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Q: Are "traditionalist" groups affiliated with the Anglican Patriarchate?


Q: Do you ordain clergy outside the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church?

Generally no. Exceptions are rare and strictly regulated by canon law.

Q: Who is the head of the Anglican Patriarchate?

The Imperial Patriarch and Bishop of St. Stephen, who is most commonly known as the Archfather or Florentine Archfather, a title with the same origins as patriarch and pope, and unique to the Anglican Patriarchate. 

Q: What is the authority of the Archfather?

By authority of Rome, the Archfather speaks with the full voice and authority of the Pope within and regarding the jurisdiction of the Anglican Patriarchate.

Q: Why do some Bishops in the Imperial Patriarchate wear red?

The Governor-General and Arch-Chancellor wear red habits, including red zucchetti (skull caps), because they hold titular Prince-Bishoprics. It is an ancient custom deriving from the Holy Roman Empire that Prince-Bishops wear red.

Q: Why does the Archfather have a white habit?

The Archfather uses a white habit trimmed with red, which is based on the habit of the Order of St. Stephen. The zucchetto (skull cap) is in plain white silk to match the habit, much like the custom of a white skull cap being used by members of religious orders with white habits. Most other elements of the habit remain red.

Q: Why do some of the bishops in the Anglican Patriarchate have different titles?

This reflects the ancient and diverse history of the Anglican Patriarchate. The Archfather is known as "His Holy Eminence," a style unique to the Anglican Patriarchate that is in reference to the historic spiritual and temporal nature of his office. The two principle electoral bishops are each referred to as "His Highness" or "His Eminence." (The more formal version is "His Most Eminent Royal Highness," abbreviated H.M.E.R.H.). Other bishops are referred to as "His Excellency." For more on protocol for all clergy, please refer to the Protocol Page.