Thursday, November 16, 2023

Bishop Rutherford Receives Ghana Knighthood

Queen Adziwonor III and
Bishop Rutherford I
By M. Derosiers

ROME-RUTHENIAN 16 November 2023 (NRom)

His Holiness Bishop Rutherford I of Rome-Ruthenia was honored with the rank of Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Merit of Gbi-Hohoe-Ahado by Her Majesty Queen Adziwonor III of Gbi-Hohoe-Ahado (Ghana) for decades of distinguished global humanitarian service. As a token of gratitude and in recognition and appreciation of Queen Adziwonor III's own dedication to humanitarian work, the Bishop-Imperator presented her with the rank of Dame Grand Cross of the Pontifical Order of the Eagle. This honor is a testament to her significant contributions in promoting peace and well-being among her people in Ghana.
Queen Adziwonor III provides
humanitarian assistance to her
people in Ghana
Both Bishop Rutherford and Queen Adziwonor are passionate advocates for global humanitarian action, including clean water, education, good health, and human rights. Their shared commitment to improving the lives of people around the world has brought them together in a mutual pursuit of positive change.
Insignia of the Royal Order of Merit
of Gbi-Hohoe-Ahado
The Pontifical Imperial State, United Roman-Ruthenian Church, headed by Bishop Rutherford, recently signed a diplomatic accord with Queen Adziwonor and the Royal House of Gbi-Hohoe-Ahado (click here to read more). Queen Adziwonor and Bishop Rutherford are leaders dedicated to impactful change, aiming to create a better world for all individuals regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. This partnership signifies a commitment to collaboration in Christian charity and cooperation in addressing common interests and challenges.