Thursday, November 16, 2023

Diplomatic Accord with the Royal House of Gbi-Hohoe-Ahado

Queen Adziwonor III at 
a clean water project she
completed in Ghana in 2022.  
By M. Desrosiers

ROME-RUTHENIA 16 November 2023 (NRom)

The Pontifical Imperial State, United Roman-Ruthenian Church, and the Royal House of Gbi-Hohoe-Ahado in Ghana have recently signed a diplomatic accord. This agreement highlights the shared focus on education, clean water, and women's equality within both governments. The accorded was signed on behalf of His Holiness Bishop Rutherford I of Rome-Ruthenia and Her Majesty Queen Adziwonor III by H.Em.&I.R.H. Grand Duke Douglas, Chancellor of the Pontifical Court, and H.E. Tony Williams, Chancellor of the Royal House. 

Queen Adziwonor III has been dedicated to improving the lives of her people through many ongoing initiatives. As a recognition of her tireless humanitarian efforts to bring fresh water, education, and good health to her people, Her Majesty the Queen was awarded the rank of Dame Grand Cross of the Pontifical Order of the Eagle by His Holiness. 
H.H. Bishop Rutherford I
Hohoe, which serves as the capital of the Gbi State in Ghana, is composed of five Clans: Ahado, Tsevi, Torkorni, Trevi, and Gborxome. Among them, Ahado is the largest clan and holds historical significance as it was the first settlement in Hohoe.
Queen Adziwonor III (center in red)
\Legend has it that during a war in Ahado's history, a python coiled itself at the entrance to their "Black Stool," which symbolizes ancestral protection. The people interpreted this as a sign that their ancestors or gods were safeguarding their heritage. After praying with water as their only available resource, the snake eventually abandoned its post. From then on, they became known as "Hodoawo," meaning those who shut doors or entrances.

Another version explains that during King Agorkorli's reign in Notsie (the Ancestral Home of Ewes), Ahado was entrusted with protecting the entrance to the walled kingdom. Thus, they were responsible for opening and shutting the door, hence the name "H-doawo."

The Teletsu's families, including Bansah, Hehetror, Kpeto, and Dzandzo, are an integral part of Ahado. The Queen Mother of Ahado belongs to the Teletsu family. After six years of searching, Mama Adziwonor III was found in Germany and officially enstooled as queen on 25 October 2018. Her commitment to her people's welfare aligns with the Pontifical Imperial State's mission, making this diplomatic accord a significant step towards mutual growth and development. It is also a recognition of the Church's belief in the reemergence of Africa and its growing global prominence.