Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Message from Catholic Vote

by Fr. Deffenbaugh

According to the following letter sent to supporters, the political group Catholic Vote was most successful in this recent election.


Dear CatholicVote Supporter,The votes are in.

And the Catholic vote was decisive.

Republicans took control of the house in a massive sweep, while the Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats by a slim margin.

Early indications suggest the GOP won 53% of the Catholic vote with Democrats garnering 45% of Catholics, according to a CNN exit poll. After losing the Catholic vote by 10 points in 2008, this eight point advantage represents an 18-point shift in support to the Republican Party. Candidates

Catholic Republicans like Bobby Schilling in Illinois-17, Sean Duffy in Wisconsin-7, and Dan Benishek in Michigan-1 all won seats held previously by Catholic Democrats who supported the health care bill. All three of these winning candidates happen to be proud pro-life Catholics, and were endorsed by CatholicVote!

In South Carolina, CatholicVote-endorsed Mick Mulvaney shocked the political world by ousting Nancy Pelosi’s Budget Chairman John Spratt, who has been in office since 1983.

In Virginia, the founder of the liberal Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (a group that publicly justified Catholic support for pro-abortion candidates) lost his seat to pro-life challenger Robert Hurt. backed Hurt with a radio blitz during the final week of the campaign.

We also backed Republican Jeff Fortenberry in Nebraska and pro-life Democrat Dan Lipinski in Illinois – both of whom were re-elected. Lipinski was one of the only members of the Stupak coalition that refused to compromise. He voted against Obamacare.

CatholicVote-endorsed candidate Frank Guinta unseated Rep. Carol Shea-Porter in New Hampshire. Shea-Porter claimed a Catholic faith, yet supported abortion and so-called same-sex “marriages.”

In northern Virginia, CatholicVote endorsed Keith Fimian still trails Rep. Gerry Connolly by a mere 820 votes. Some absentee ballots are apparently still to be counted and a recount appears likely. Please pray for Keith. Our candidate in NY-22, George Phillips, did better than anyone expected, but came up short to Rep. Maurice Hinchey.

And in the marquee Senate race in Nevada, Harry Reid defeated CatholicVote-backed Sharron Angle in a disappointing loss.

Putting it in perspective

This means our 2010 Midterm Election campaign racked up 8 wins, 2 losses and one race not yet decided. But we also helped lead the charge in educating, and mobilizing the most important voting bloc in America – the Catholic vote!

Together we are building a movement, and today you should feel proud.

Victories at the ballot box are a start, and the new Republican Party needs to know we expect them to deliver.

Economic issues may have been the biggest story of this election, but let’s not forget what we said last May. Votes have consequences, and virtually every so- called “pro-life” legislator that voted for Obamacare went down to defeat last night.

Those legislators that stood firm on principle, defended life, and opposed the stifling impact of a runaway federal government were rewarded.

We are grateful beyond measure for your help.

Whatever good we may have accomplished, may God be praised!

Brian Burch