Monday, November 1, 2010

Religious Emblems Presented to Boy Scouts

by Staff

January 2010

Two Boy Scouts and one adult Scout leader were presented with the Imperial Distinguished Scout of the Holy Roman Empire award. This is a religious award that Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, both in the USA and around the world, can earn. Adult leaders may also qualify. The award is given not just to Anglo-Catholics, but to those of all Christian faiths. The applicant must qualify for the religious emblem given by their denomination first. Further requirements involve community or church service, academic excellence, scouting leadership, and historical research. Recipients should show how the history of the faith can be applied and made relevant today.

Members of the Metropolitan See remain active with Boy Scouts. This is an important ministry of the Church. The Boy Scouts, for more than a century, have helped boys grow into men and become productive members of society. Many have pointed to Boy Scouts as the most influential organization in their lives; an organization that helped them to be successful.

More importantly, Boy Scouts helps to preserve our Christian heritage. In an age of our faith being under attack on many fronts, Boy Scouts stands firm. The Imperial Distinguished Scout award exists to recognize not just the individuals who remain firm in their faith and exhibit Christian service to others, but also the organization that they are a part of.

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